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Thread: Scale, Calcium or all of the above?

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    Scale, Calcium or all of the above?

    Here are a few pics of my plaster. This is after an acid bath. My plaster should be a Mediterranean blue color. It is dark, however as i drained a couple of feet out of the pool to add fresh water I noticed the small particles that look like salt. It isnt salt though. If you look real close you can see what looks like small clear salt looking like particles.

    Anyone have any suggestions? If you scrub at a small space real good, you can begin to see the blue that the plaster should look like.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Scale, Calcium or all of the above?

    Another pic
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    Re: Scale, Calcium or all of the above?

    The plaster surface is etched. Needs a good sanding or polishing.

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    Re: Scale, Calcium or all of the above?

    Thanks onBalance.... Being that the plaster is only 8 months old, should the pool builder be taking care of this?

    I have always brushed the pool quite a bit, now when i brush it it creates a white dust at the bottom of the pool. I vacuum it up after every day. Do you think brushing it 3 to 4 times a day as I am now will help break that stuff off and smooth again? I added a gallon of Ultimate Scale and Stain Control when I began to fill the pool back up on Sunday. My calcium level went from 250 before i drained 18 inches and added the Scale and stain control, to 330 after the drain and refill. Now my calcium level is at 400.... I am thinking the Ultimate Scale & Stain Control is working and turning taking the calcium off the plaster and into the water - which is why my calcium level is climbing.

    After the calcium level reached 400 today at noon, I went home and am draining another foot or two so that i can naturally raise the ph and lower the calcium level with fresh water.

    Anyone think that will work or agree that the scale control is working hence the elevated calcium levels?

    I appreciate the input

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