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Thread: Bleaching the liner???

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    Bleaching the liner???

    I was just talking to a friend about somethings I've learned while on TFP. One of the things he questioned was the use of bleach in a pool. He said that you could bleach your liner? Is there any truth to this? I have a deep blue liner and would hate to ruin it.
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    Re: Bleaching the liner???

    No. Any form of chlorine can damage a liner if you are careless when adding it, but powdered chlorine is worse when it settles on the bottom. Once chlorine mixes with the water, all forms are the same.
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    Re: Bleaching the liner???

    Any truth? Yes. Anything actually interesting or meaningful that you need to worry about? No.

    If you pour full strength bleach directly onto the liner, instead of into the water, you could potentially bleach the liner. But if you add it the way we recommend, by pouring slowly in front of a return jet while the pump is running it is nearly impossible to cause any damage.

    More importantly, this is true of all sources of chlorine, not just bleach. There are many sources of chlorine, including bleach, trichlor tablets, SWGs, etc. All of them have exactly the same effect as far as "bleaching" the pool goes. Sitting a damp trichlor tablet on the liner will actually cause more damage than bleach, since trichlor has chlorine and also is quite acidic, and acid is slightly more likely to cause damage than chlorine.

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    Re: Bleaching the liner???

    Just to ad to this...

    The liner in our pool is significantly bleached from the previous owner's pool care which included trichlor and calhypo.

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    Re: Bleaching the liner???

    A friend tried telling me the same thing once, ohh, and he was told so by the pool store that sold and installed his pool, ohh, and their recommendation was to regularily purchase a concoction of chemicals from their store.
    Last year he continually fought algae outbreaks.....I have yet to have an algae outbreak and my liner looks great. I buy no name bleach from the big box grocer or Walmart, or Clorox when only that is available, and test regularly with my test kit.

    As stated in pool school, poor your bleach in relatively slow and in front of the return port so it gets dispersed.
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    Re: Bleaching the liner???

    The only time I ever damaged my liner was when a puck dropped to the bottom of pool.while on vacation. Sis in law accidentally did it. Sat there for two days. Bleach or liquid chlorine never been a problem. Dont worry!
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