I opened my pump for the first time to fix a leak at the 'pump body gasket' and found an interesting discovery: two small screws loose at the bottom of the pump chamber. These appear to be the ~ 1inch long screws that should hold the plastic diffuser to the housing.

The pump is a Jandy JHP 1.5HP.

You can see similar screws in the 2nd photo in this excellent TFP post:

Pentair Whisperflow seal replacement How-to (w/ photos)

I tried to put the screws back where they belong, but ... the screws will not tighten. The holes that these screws should thread into appear to be plastic and do not have tapped threads or a metal insert. Maybe they once had threads in the plastic, but not any more..
The pump probably has been running with the screws at the bottom for quite a while (year+).

- Has anyone taken apart a similar pump and noticed what type of tapped hole these screws should mate with? threaded plastic? metal insert?
- Any creative ideas how to fix it? (e.g. fill with epoxy and tap?)
- or does it matter that these screws are missing? The diffuser has some small pins that keep it from rotating, and the rest of the assembly keeps it from moving axially.


P.S. I'm "new" to this pool and pools in general (<1.5years pool experience)