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Thread: new Jandy sight glasses leaking

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    new Jandy sight glasses leaking

    I have a pool in which both Jandy sight glasses were recently replaced. The pool had a leak and I was told by our pool guy that the low water level caused pump overheating which had warped the sight glasses & covers on the filter baskets (Jandy) for the 2 pumps.

    These were replaced at a cost of approx $350. Now I am unable to start the main pump as it will not prime. The pool is very well filled (almost overflowing). When I would start the main pump last night it'd take maybe 5-10 min for it to prime and then water would spurt out of the sight glass locking ring. When I'd turn it off, air would immediately gurgle in thru the locking ring. Thus in about 20 seconds the water would be lost and presumably the pump prime would be lost. Tonight I was unable to start the main pump as it would just churn and would never prime. I think this is due to the fact that too much air in going into the locking ring over the sight glass and the main pump would never prime. I opened the locking ring and it was coated with a very thick grease. Is this necessary: shouldn't new sight glasses & O-rings be able to seal without all that grease?

    Could the heat have warped the housing holding the filter basket as well as the sight glass & filter ring? Note that the black filter basket housing shows no sign of heat damage and the sight glasses were replaced before I ever had a chance to see for myself that it leaked. I can see no evidence of heat damage anywhere but this was given as the reason to replace the sight glasses and locking rings. In truth I wasn't too upset at that as over the 6 years since the pool was built, sunlight (in FL) caused all the sight glasses to become opaque.

    Should I replace the whole Jandy pump?
    Poorly designed Infinity edge pool; approx 18,000 gal not including the Spa. Over flow basin is collapsing due to rust of iron I-beams. At least the pool level control seems to have been placed right.

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    Re: new Jandy sight glasses leaking

    Welcome to TFP!

    One of our pump experts will be along shortly to help you.

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    Re: new Jandy sight glasses leaking

    Can you tell us the pump models, and which parts (part numbers) were replaced? The impellers and/or seals might also be damaged. Pictures might be helpful if you could post some.
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