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Thread: When is it safe to open a pool?

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    When is it safe to open a pool?

    We don't usually open the pool until the end of March, or even early April. However, we're putting the house on the market in a couple weeks, and the pool is currently an unattractive murky green swamp. I'd like to open it early and get it looking clear, even though it'll be waaaaay to cold to use for a good while. But, is it safe to open it? Weather is finicky this time of year (North Carolina). Daytime temps are in the high 50s/low 60s, and night time temps range from 29-45. We could get another cold spell where nighttime temps are in the mid-high 20's for a few days, but it's more likely that things will steadily warm up. Really need to get the pool clear, but I'm concerned about those nighttime temperatures.

    Also, our "robot" broke at the end of the season last year. Looks like I won't have that to help me as we clean things up. Any tips in that regard?

    This is an in-ground pool. 18'x36'. No shed around the pool motor/sand filter, etc.
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    Re: When is it safe to open a pool?

    I live in Raleigh and my pool stays open throughout the winter. No issues unless you live up on Mt Mitchell.
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    Re: When is it safe to open a pool?


    Given that you are in NC, I would think it is safe to open your pool at any time provided you are not located in the western mountains. Like duraleigh, I keep my pool open year-round. Even though I'm in DFW which is a bit warmer than NC, we still get several nights (and some days) below freezing but it usually does not last long. Just make sure your pump and freeze guard are working properly. If you do not have freeze guard, just manually run your pump whenever you think temps will approach freezing. You will probably need to run it a lot anyway to clear the pool up, regardless of the temps.

    Having gone through the home selling experience a few years ago, I can tell you that in today's real estate market, "condition, condition, condition" is every bit as important as "location, location, location". If there is only one bit of advice you follow, it is get everything in the house and yard in tip-top shape from an appearance standpoint, including the pool. Even if your house was pristine, but your pool was a swamp, that will be a turn off to many buyers who will not be able to get past that. When buyers see a swampy pool, they will assume that it was not well cared for and will be concerned about potential unexpected out of pocket expenses - even if the swamp is nothing more than a cosmetic seasonal thing resulting from the pool being closed. Buyers like to see themselves living in a home they are considering purchasing and they will have a hard time picturing themselves enjoying a pool that looks like a swamp. Your RE listing agent should be giving you this type of advice. If they don't, I would consider another agent.

    I would get the pool open, run a series of tests (you will likely need to go through the shock process), and get all the gunk out of the pool using pool leaf rakes, wall brushes, and similar implements. Keep an eye on your filter pressure and backwash as needed. As for your robot cleaner, if you did not want to replace it, you can get a manual pool cleaner such as a Pool Blaster Max HD Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner. I'm sure there are other manual vacs as well. At some point, you will need a vacuum cleaner of some sort to get rid of the finer particles that are to big to stay in suspension and get captured by the filter but to small to scoop up with a pool leaf rake.
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    Re: When is it safe to open a pool?

    I'd suggest going ahead and opening the pool up. You can run the pump when and if it gets really cold. As long as you're pumping, mid-20s for a bit won't hurt anything.

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