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Thread: Looking for a hot water ciculating pump - suggestions

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    Looking for a hot water ciculating pump - suggestions

    I want to pump 10' head into 4 solar panels requiring 3 GPM each,

    The panels are built with 1/2" copper I was going to connect them with 3/4 or 1" header, to distribute 12 GPM.

    I was looking at pumps but they all look expensive about $250, I thought with such a low requirement I could find a pump for about $100.

    Am I wrong or any suggestions.

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    Re: Looking for a hot water ciculating pump - suggestions

    You want about 1 GPM for every 10 square feet of panel area. For panels large enough to make a noticeable impact on the pool temperature, you generally want a reasonable sized pump, which tends to cost $200+. While it is possible to get some heat out of the panels at lower flow rates, you get much better results around the above flow rate.

    By the by, if you use copper in your pool plumbing, you need to be exceedingly careful to never let the PH go below 7.0. Lower PH levels will etch copper out of the pipes and could lead to unsightly stains that are difficult to remove. Between that issue and the expense, it is quite unusual to use copper in swimming pool plumbing.
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    Re: Looking for a hot water ciculating pump - suggestions

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    Re: Looking for a hot water ciculating pump - suggestions

    The panels have copper loops in them that I'm using for the spa, so no choice there, I will watch as suggested the ph.

    The spa pump at 3hp to run all day to run the panels is too expensive, but I think I miss calculated the size pump needed.

    The glass part is 72 sq ', I found a pretty authoritative article that said 0.04 gpm per sq ft. (can't find the link right now)

    with that it would be about 3 gpm, add the lose in turns and what not, I'm now shooting for 5gpm, you suggestion of 7 gpm is pretty much in line with that thinking.

    I found a taco 007 that looks really close for about $75.

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