Hi, new member who found this by doing a Google search concerning a pump problem I noticed.

The pump for the pool has been running/stopping/running several times that I've noticed lately.

It will stop for about a few seconds and start right up, run for a minute or two, stop again for a few seconds, and start right up again. The Hayward pumps are about 5 years old as is the pool. I ran it during the day yesterday for about 6 hours with no problems.

Last year I was having a problem with the check system light saying no cell power. I had found a forum and repaired the K-1 solder connection. Yesterday I checked the board and the solder is still good on the repair.

This morning the pump was doing the on/off/on for about ten minutes and then continued to run OK until the timer shut it off. I have it running at night for 6 hours since occasionally the freeze warning would kick the system on.

I don't know if a pump is overheating (one pump for the filter, one booster pump for the sweeper/vac), or if a sensor is bad. If the pump were overheating, I would think it would stay off more than a few seconds or so. When it stops, the diagnostic on the control panel says Chlorinator Off/ Filter Delay and starts a 60 second countdown. The pump is running during this time.