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Thread: Pool Equipment - new install

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    Pool Equipment - new install

    Hello all, after 3 long years of planning and more so saving I am now ready to dig that big hole!

    The pool size will be 40 mil vinyl 21x40 rectangle with a Coverstar auto cover under the coping, only options so far would be 6 deck jets. It will be located in Ontario Canada.

    My question I hope some can comment on is the pool equipment. I have 2 quotes 1 with Pentair and 1 with Hayward.

    Given an assumption that cost is NOT a factor, what vendor, equipment, sizes, etc would everyone recommend. I do believe the it will be Salt Water even though 1 vendor is recommending Del Ozone.

    So if money was no object, what would be the perfect ultimate setup (incl. all the fancy automation (that works)) and vendor.

    I want to do this once correctly. I hope to avoid any trouble equipment that perhaps some have experienced that hard way..

    Thanks you in advance.

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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    Both of those brands are good. Watch out...the equipment brand question is always a hot debate, with people strongly supporting/not supporting both brands.

    IMO, the reason to choose one over the other might come down to a detail, like how it does automation, etc. In addition, I think many installers typically only install one brand or the other (and might get discounts on the one they install). Unless there is something you want to do that only one brand can do, then the brand might be decided by who you decide to have do the install.

    Quote Originally Posted by kooma
    Given an assumption that cost is NOT a factor, what vendor, equipment, sizes, etc would everyone recommend.
    We will need more details on your pool and water feature design to answer questions on equipment sizing/selection.

    Quote Originally Posted by kooma
    1 vendor is recommending Del Ozone
    Ozone has no practical use in a residential swimming pool, so I would not get it.
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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    Pentair and Hayward are very similar, quality varies much more within each brand than it does between them, ie they both have good products and not so good products, yet their best products are very similar in quality and their worst products are very similar quality.

    Do you have any other options on the pool? A spa, special lighting, etc? Without any of that kind of thing, then a simple Intermatic timer will be more than enough. Automation adds complexity, which is worth avoiding unless your system is complex enough to justify it.

    Unless your electric rates are above $0.20/kwh, I suggest a relatively small two speed pump and an extra large cartridge filter.
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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    Thanks! I figured this out re: vendors as my two potential builders are only willing to use what they know and probably get deeper discounts on. Thus my email here

    This will be a very simple pool.
    inground 21x40 vinyl rectangle
    3 deck jets arching into the pool from the left long side
    3 deck jets arching into the pool from the right long side
    2 - LED colour lights in the pool
    auto cover
    deep end will likely be 7 or 8 ft (1/2 of the pool) / shallow standard 4 ft (or whatever is standard)

    All equipment will be located in a 12x8 shed on a concrete pad.

    Outside of this, I will have backyard lighting in two spots.

    Wish list:
    I would like automation to include:
    - I like the idea of auto chemical modules (although I dont read too many good things), so I would still attempt
    - remotely control pool temp, circulation etc
    - remotely control the 6 jets (ideally run left and right independently or both at the same time)
    - remotely control pool lights and backyard lights independently
    - if I can do all of this via Ipad / PC this is bonus
    - not sure if any automation devices can interface to a Coverstar auto cover? I have to research this....

    - I like a very warm pool. So sizing and options to keep it warm as the most efficient / cost effective method is preferred.

    I think that's everything. Let me know if there's any detail still required.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    Under the assumption that cost is no factor. I'd go with Pentair, as the IntelliTouch system is great for automation via ipad/iphone. I'd do the Intelliflo pump. I know a lot of people will say go with a 2 speed but I like the versatility of the Intelliflo, if you add more features in the future you don't need to change or add pumps cause you already have all the power you could need. As far as the automation the Pentair IntelliChlor is my favorite salt system, it's rock solid and effective. Then if you want to automate the pH you can go with the IntellipH system as well. Throw in a Quad D.E. filter and a Pentair 400k BTU heater and you get a system that works together great with little effort on your part. Also the added bonus of when you buy 3 or more Pentair pieces of equipment, they extend the warranty from 1 year to 3. Pentair also has deck jets and lights that will interface with this system. As far as the Coverstar I'm not sure if any automation will interface with that, hopefully someone who knows will come along. If not I'd call Pentair or Coverstar and ask them.

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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    Thanks Christian. Looking at Pentair now I see the IntelliTouch system and do like it. So based upon Pentair:

    - what model in the intelliflo line should I be in VS+SVRS (product code #11017)? I see this is a 3 HP, is this the correct one?

    - quad D.E. - what model? why not cartridge or sand?

    - IntelliChlor IC40 is the biggest for Canada - is there any reason to seek out an IC60 US?

    - 400k BTU I know I want this. I read the Pentair unit is very noisey. Am I correct to be in the MasterTemp line? Is this true in comparison to other 400k units out there? Looking for the most reliable 400k unit, then quietiest.

    - Intellitouch/ScreenLogic 2 system with IntelliPH which needs an IntelliController

    - 2 Intellibrite 5G color LED with Controller

    - 4 Magicstream Laminers
    - 4 deckjet II

    Think I'm on the right direction. If you can confirm, I would appreciate it.

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    Re: Pool Equipment - new install

    For the pump in a residential setting you're fine with the 011018 model, no need for the extra expense of the SVRS.

    Quad D.E you could go with the 80 sq ft or the 100. I generally recommend going larger as then you won't have to clean it as frequently. The reason I recommend this one is just personal preference, you could just as easily go with sand or cartridge.

    From your description it sounds like your pool is just under 35k gallons. I would go with the IC60 as again I like to oversize. As long as you don't have temps over 90 degrees Fahrenheit though the IC40 would be ok. If you do have temps over that it will diminish the ability of the cell to keep up and you can lose about 1/3 of the capacity which would mean you would need the IC60.

    For the heater I would probably go with a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm (still made by Pentair so eligible for the 3 year warranty). The MasterTemp is OK, but the Max-E-Therm is better.

    The rest sounds good! You're going to have one heck of a set-up!

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