My pool was replastered 6 days ago. I have brushed the entire surface two or three times every day. The amount of plaster dust does not seem to be reducing. While brushing, a small cloud of plaster dust can be seen around the brush. The amount of plaster dust seems to be about the same each time I brush. How much longer should I expect the plaster to keep producing this dust? The pump has been running on hi speed 24-7 since it was filled.

My bigger concern is that there are a few (four) small areas are kind of 'sunk' in. These small, shallow 'crevices' are about 4 to 6 inches long and are much more visible at night with the light on you cannot see them with the pump running (water hast to be fairly still). I spoke to the contractor, and he says these should continue to smooth out as the plaster cures / hydrates so long as I continue brushing regularly. So far these spots do not seem to be smoothing out. More concerning is that one of these spots just appeared yesterday (5 days after plaster job) where the wall meets the floor. The rest of the surface looks very good to me - perfectly smooth and uniformly white.

Here is the chemistry, it has not varied very much over the last few days:

pH 7.6 (have kept this 7.2-7.6)
TA 80 (have kept this 70-90)
FC 0.0 (I have the floater in there filled with tabs - I normally use bleach but I need CYA with this fresh water anyway...)
CC 0.0
CH 290
Temperature 50 deg F

Edit: I forgot I have this picture from plaster job day 1 - after they had chipped out / bond coated. This is before they put on the new plaster (day 2). The two areas in the middle were chipped out and this is where the plaster is uneven. The new problem spot is where the shallow end meets the bench (right side of picture)