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Thread: superflo pentair leaks at seal plate housing

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    superflo pentair leaks at seal plate housing

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site. I have a 6 year old pentair 1.5 hp single speed superflo pump. Within its first year there was a leak where the seal plate attaches to the housing. They replaced it but for years I think there was a slight wet area there. Now I notice water at the buttom and my pool losing an inch or so every two days. I took it apart and noted the o ring where the seal plate attaches to the housing and it looks fine. There is not flatness or rotting or any thing. I put it back together after greasing the o ring and man the leak is worst than before. I note what i call a flaw in the design in that the o ring goes around the seal plate portion but when you look inside the volute housing its tapered and not flat to squish this O ring. I called the local pool shop and none in stock so I ordered one on line. I am worried that when i put this new o ring and it closes the same way its not compressed correctly and will leak again. Does anyone know about this pump and what I am talking about, advice, etc.

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    Re: superflo pentair leaks at seal plate housing

    Did your o-ring leave black residue on your hands ? Did you ensure that when putting the pump back together, everything was flush, square, and even and when you tightened the bolts you did so in a manner in which no bolt was tightened more than the next? (much as you would when putting on a tire)....Also can you post a picture of the flaw? Are you sure the leak is coming from the seal plate...and not the drain plug...or shaft? (just trying to help you troubleshoot here)
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    Re: superflo pentair leaks at seal plate housing

    thank you for responding. I did get the new set of o-rings and followed your advice, mainly the one about the tightening like a tire and got everything back together. Ran the pump and saw a flow of water under pump and was disappointed. Then I saw now the water was squirting from the drain plug. Retightened this plug and now I see no leaks at all. So originally I think it was coming from the drain plug, but by taking things apart I don't think i did the even tightening like a tire method that I used this time and caused my own problem. This time I did it the way you said and fixed that back to the original point and obviously in this process by taking the drain plug completely out to drain things I did not put it back well enough not to mention I thing those o rings are a little brittle. I now have ordered new plug o-rings for the drain plug and will replace them. In the future I will check this first and not create my own head ache. Thank you.

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