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Thread: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

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    Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    Hi all pool friends!

    Since I live in PR we have summer all year long, therefore my pool is open trough the year. Last weekend I noticed that My SWG (Resilience) was not providing a full readout for chlorine (it was displaying 30%). I tought that due to some rains and a recent backwash I had lost some salt...

    I went ahead and added additional salt, cleaned the cell and the generator went again to the 100% salt/production. I went again sometime this week and again it was in 30% therefore I suspected that something was wrong... I tested the pool salt (with test strips) and my salt level is fine. Second test I did, I verfied the cell for scale buildup and everything was fine. I turned the SWG on/off several times and my reads increased to 50-60%.

    I decided to remove the cell and check the connectors, I cleaned them with some compresed air and cleaned the cell one more time... My reads increased again to 50% even tough the dial is @ 100%. I decided to add some acid trough the skimmer; to my surprise, when I went to the SWG it was reading 100% again;

    Today when I went to check the SWG it was on 60%. I added some more acid trough the skimmer and surprise! 100% readout again.

    My question is, Is my cell starting to die? Is it not clean enough? What can I do in order to trouble shoot even more? any suggestions?
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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    How old is the cell?
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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    2 years....

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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    The Resilience cell is made with high quality materials and should last much longer than two years, even with year-around use. The titanium plates that you see inside the cell have several coats of ruthenium oxide that require care to make them last through the design-life and if subjected to an acid concentration that is too high, they can degrade and cause the cell to fail early. It's hard to say how strong the acid is going over the plates when you pour it in the skimmer but it's definitely not recommended by any SWG maker.
    If adding acid to the skimmer has been your practice in the past, that may be the cause of your problem. Check to make sure that the electrical connections to the cell are secure and if the problem continues, I would replace the cell. Call Resilience and ask if they will still honor the warranty.
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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    you would need to add a LOT of acid fast to the skimmer to make any impact on the cell

    i'd worry more about the pump

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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    Thank you all, it was installed when my pool was built and I don't have receipts... I will call Resillience on Monday to see what I can get and will post results!

    thank you everyone for your help!

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    Re: Resilience SWG Troubleshoot

    I just replaced the cell itself but didn't fix the problem. Showing no reading at all, only green light that it's getting power. I had an SCC-40 cell and replaced it with the A7. Different connection so I just attached the new adaptor wire to the screw in original wire that goes to SCC-40 stud. ( if that makes sense ) would have cut and used proper connection if it worked
    My salt gen is the same as pictured above but I guess with older type connection

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