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Thread: First Time Pool Build

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    First Time Pool Build

    Ok I am brand new here and this is my first post,
    We are in the process of planing to build our new pool. It's going to be an in ground gunite (18X32) and in Atlanta. I have had 4 separate companies come out for bids and needless to say, I am more than confused. One of my biggest questions is if I should go with a salt system or not. Everybody tells me something different!!! I have also been advised by one builder to use the Nature 2 system. There seems to be quite a lot of negative reviews on these forums but this builder swears by it....probably because they sell it. My biggest concern is pool water maint. I am a DIY type of guy and plan on being the "pool boy." I want advice on what type of system is best? What has the lowest operating costs year after year. How about initial cost for installation vs costs in the long run. I am also looking for pooI building mistakes like "if I were to to it over again, I would/wouldn't do THAT again." I also want as low as maint as possible and being a newbie to the pool game I want/need advice from current owners and not builders! I know that everyone has their own opinion but I am eager to hear them.

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    Re: First Time Pool Build

    I want advice on what type of system is best?
    Welcome to the forum.

    Impossible to get that answer. The "best" one is the one that suits your particular needs.

    That said, the two systems about 95% of us use here on the forum are chlorine systems...either manually adding it yourself or generating it through an SWG.

    The alternative systems (like nature 2) often promise things they do not deliver.

    Chlorine is and always has been the most sensible, economical and practical method to sanitize a pool. Whether you choose to do it through an SWG, manually add liquid chlorine, or use liquid chlorine along with chlorine pucks you still end up with a chlorine sanitized pool.

    I manually add my chlorine but am often envious of owners here who have the convenience and accuracy of an SWG. Keep reading and learning about them and you will soon arrive at your own conclusions.
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    Re: First Time Pool Build

    The only green the nature2 is designed to get rid of is the green in your wallet!
    Seriously, it's more sanitary and a lot less expensive to use Chlorine as Dave said.

    He (and lots of others) manually dose, I (and lots of others) use an injection pump, and lots of other people use a swg. Surprisingly all three methods work out to be about the same cost over time.
    A swg has the highest initial cost but over the normal life of the unit it averages out to be only a little more expensive than using bleach.
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    Re: First Time Pool Build

    Thanks for the quick replies! Keep 'em coming!!! I have come to the conclusion that the Nature 2 is a waste from all of the info on these forums......they're a great source, by the way! I'm glad to find them and am soaking up the info here. Building a pool for the first time is a very big undertaking and I am trying to get as much info as possible so I can make informed decisions, Plus I am extremely Type A........

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    Re: First Time Pool Build

    I'm a full time bleach user these days. I started out with pucks then used both pucks and bleach. Then last summer I started getting green spots on the wall and switched to bleach full time. I use to want a SWG system but after lots and lots of research on this site and google I decided it wasnt for me. I'm the type of person that would just be counting down the days till it stopped working and need replacing.
    If you travel a lot or are a very busy person then the SWG is probably a better choice than manual dosing.
    Good luck with your build and take lots of pics!
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