New pool in my sig

The wife wants me to finish up the installation which means finally hooking up the new Pentair MasterTemp 400k.

It should be easy, yes?

Water plumbing - done
Gas connection - done
L1 and L2 to empty breaker in Easytouch - done
Remove jumper from fireman connector and run low voltage wiring to the Easytouch heater connection - done.
Flip switch on gas valve to "on" - done

I'm not sure if the panel on the heater should light up when the breaker is turned on but it does not. Putting the Easytouch in spa mode calls for heat but the heater does not seem to respond. No inducer fan, no lights (on heater), no nothing.

Ok, so recheck my connections and everything looks good. I even checked power on L1 and L2 at the ignition control module and 24 volt transformer inside the heater and have 240v. The LED diagnostic on the ignition control module is off.

I'm not sure what to check next. Should the panel on the heater light up? Is there some other event not mentioned in the manual that would prevent the heater from operating (time, water temp, ect.....)?

I think I'll go out and check the output side of the transformer while I'm waiting on an answer.

EDIT: Transformer OK. In fact, I have 24v at the panel. I noticed if I turn on the spa (+ heater) then turn off the breaker for the heater and back on, the heater control panel will light up (bulb check) and display 128 then r13 in the temp window. The panel then goes blank and nothing else happens.

Double EDIT. I put the jumper back in and turned the spa back on. Pushing the "spa on" button on the control panel fired up the heater.
So it look like perhaps a problem with my wires from the Easytouch to the heater. I'll pull new ones and double check.

Triple EDIT: It's working now. So instead of deleting this post I'll leave it here in case someone else has this problem. It appears the Mastertemp heater wants to be turned on from it's own panel first. I can't say I manipulated it's buttons while the easytouch was running the spa. After a nice relaxing soak in the spa, I disconnected the fireman jumper and reconnected the same wires from the easytouch. Everything is working fine now.