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Thread: Repairing pool liner

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    Repairing pool liner

    My 8 year old inground pool is starting to show some repair needs. In the shallow part of the
    pool I noticed a 2-3 feet of liner in the upper wall that is peeling off. The liner is virgin vinyl.
    How can I repair this - what glue to use, etc.? Thanks.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    you might be wasting your time trying to repair it. A new liner would be the best solution.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    Just for my info, could you please explain why for a small top "peeling off" like this would require
    a whole replacement of the pool liner? I don't quite get it. If my roof has a leak, I repair the leaky
    part, not replace the whole roof.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    Sorry for the brief response above.

    Liners eventually lose their plasticity and become brittle after time and exposure to the sun and chemicals. 8 years is about an average lifespan. Once they start to tear without a specific incident causing the tear, they are usually due for replacement and patching them won't buy much time.

    I am not familiar with the term peeling off and assumed the liner was tearing from or near the bead which is very difficult to fix.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    Thanks for taking the time to explain.

    What I meant by "peeling off": About 2+ feet horizontal at the top of the liner edge is sagging
    about a couple of inches down which indicates it peeled off from the wall and got pushed downwards.
    But I don't see any tear anywhere. I can't recheck now as the pool is covered for winter. I'm
    in Plainfield, Illinois.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    Posting a picture would be very helpful but it sounds like your liner came unhooked from the coping....not "peeling" which most folks think of as some form of delamination.
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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    So it has come out of the track holding it and you can see a bead at the very top of the liner?

    If thats the case, you can put it back in the track after you open the pool up. It will be a lot easier to fix in warmer temps and you might need a helper.

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    Re: Repairing pool liner

    Thank you all for the tips. I will definitely look closer when the pool gets open in the spring.

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