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A little late jumping onto this thread, but interested if Soonernate solved his autoprime problem. I installed a new Ecostar yesterday, and appear to have the same problem, plus a "few more". I tried all the suggestions from the earlier posts to this thread, but to no avail. Furthermore, I don't believe there is an actual priming problem, as the pump basket remains full of water at all times (pump running or off). Note that my pump is 5' below the surface of the water, and previous tests of the system, with the old Tristar show positive pressure at both the inlet ( suction side ) and at the filter gage, both static and dynamic. In addition, I am unable to exit from the speed-setting menu to the diagnostic menu ( or any other menu ). Even though I have set Speed-1 to 650 RPM, the Speed-1 button continues to show the default speed of 1000 RPM. The filter gage reading of 20 psi seems to corroborate that speed.
I am rapidly reaching the point where I think the pump control electronics are defective, but if any of the folks here on the forum have extensive experience with the Ecostar, I am inclined to wait for input from them before calling Hayward Customer Service. I am particularly curious to know a -- is the menu frozen until the priming cycle ( 15 minutes ) is finished? b-- what physical paramater ( pressure, wattage, voltage, etc. ) does the controller use to determine that priming has ( or has not ) occured?
All input is appreciated.