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Thread: Build starts soon.

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    Build starts soon.

    So it is almost time for the building process to begin. It has been a long time between selecting our pool builder and the actual build to start. We started taking bids in March/April on 2012 and finalized in May 2012. Paradise Pools is our builder and I have not heard any negative feedback and really feel comfortable with our PB. He clearly took our criteria in mind when he came up with our design. The build starts in 23 days. He also did not try to sell me any extras but was happy to add what we wanted. I am so excited. I have an old android phone that I hope, if it goes as planned, will take a picture every 10 minutes to make a time lapse video of the build. Between troublefreepool and the poolforum I think I am ready to manage the pool. We are going to BBB this pool and I will be adding borates to 50 PPM after 30 days. I have read pool school a few times and will read it again once we get close to taking over.
    Some design specs to help with some questions I still have.
    Pool 17 x 31 free form
    Deck 36x 36 acrylic deck
    Pentair VS pump, IC40 SWG, C&C 150 cartridge filter, easytouch 4 function, LED light, 4-6 person spa with spillover, 400K LP heater.

    1. I realize solar covers definitely help. It seems most people have blue ones but I think we are going to buy a clear one. From what I have read the primary use of a cover is not to actually heat the pool but stop it from cooling at night. So we are going to go clear unless someone can put forth a compelling argument that blue is better. We are probably going to cut it the cover in half and use 2 home made POVC rollers to help with the cover.

    2. Anything I should know during the build process?

    3. How do I ensure I can get the pool to the proper chemical levels without voiding my warranty? I have a chart based on what I read here and know what I want. It is derived from the pros here and I can post it if you want.

    4. When should I order the test kit? Iím ready now to order but not sure if waiting 6 weeks would help keep the chemicals fresher. I plan to become a lifetime member before I order from tftestkits.

    5. How do I know how often to run my pump? We are going without a screen at least to start. The sun will kill the FC during the day once we get to summer. Should I run the pump some during the day and some during the night to optimize FC in the pool?

    6. Should I get something more that the standard brush I get with the pool? If so, what would you recommend?

    7. Chemical storage. I read MA can do some nasty stuff and do not store it near bleach; Borax and baking soda seem pretty inert when talking storage. Any tips you want to share about storing chemicals. I plan to pour the MA into a 5 gallon bucket of water and then into the pool. Safety equipment will be worn.

    I think that is enough questions for now. I hope I have gleaned enough knowledge from the wonderful people who contribute to this forum to manage the pool from the get-go. I canít wait to fire up the heater and spend a nice evening with my wife in the spa. Swimming will come later unless I get stupid and fall in.
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    Re: Buils starts soon.

    1) Clear is probably better, though the difference is minimal.
    2) Things tend to be start and go, hurry up and then wait.
    3) The key thing is to know what the warranty requirements are. Ask your builder what they require. Many builders are talkative but a few just assume you know what to do without them saying anything (which can lead to problems).
    4) A few weeks doesn't make much difference.
    5) At the start it will probably be 24/7. Longer term you can figure it out experimentally, see the article in Pool School.
    6) A regular brush is fine.
    7) You seem to have the right idea already.
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