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Thread: New, we are shopping for a pool

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    New, we are shopping for a pool

    New we are shopping for a pool not sure whether to get an above ground or inground pool. Have a family of 5 so thinking inground may be better. Want something that will last any advice?

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    Re: New, we are shopping for a pool

    In ground pools are way more $$ than above ground!
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    Re: New, we are shopping for a pool

    There are many things you need to consider to make your decision, cost is only one of them.

    How long do you plan on staying in the home you are in? Is your job location secure (not moving anytime soon) How large is your yard? Are your children real young(toddler to elementary age) what do you plan on using the pool for(lazy floating, diving, sports,exercise) What are the covenants (restrictions) in your neighborhood, is there access for the PB to bring in the heavy equipment and can you leave the dirt on site or does it have to be hauled away. Can you fence the area for safety(and code) what type do you want (fiberglass, concrete, liner) many more questions you need to answer for yourself. Cost is important but if you do it you need to plan for future add ons as well as landscape that you may do down the road.

    We spent 25 years moving around the world with the Army so we always had an above ground that was a pain to take down each season and you couldn't push off the sides or dive(to shallow) We didn't want to build a deck so you had to climb up and down the ladder. (there are "permanent above ground pools as well) a friend down the street has a really nice one surrounded by a large deck.

    We've put down roots (10 years ago) and had a nice above ground with deck for a few years but still always wanted something permanent so we literally checked google earth in our surrounding area and marked all the inground pools. We knocked on doors (friendly area around here, not sure where you live) we asked folks why they decided on an inground and most all said it was due to the same things we had with our above grounds.
    Ease of access(just walk out of house and jump in, no ladders, gates, etc.. We did install a pool alarm on our doors leading out to the pool so we know if anyone is going out there. (a must have for small kids- helps for the teenagers at night as well)
    I just finished mine a couple months ago so have not been in it yet, so I cant say the inground is better (no experience yet), if I had a time machine I would have put in the inground 10 years ago. It just blends into the yard, you look right past it, not at it or over or around it.
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    Re: New, we are shopping for a pool

    Just bought a house with a pool so can't offer a lot of advice. Don't get talked into one that is too big for the yard (like I have). Ideally keep the big trees away (I'll be having to trim the neighbors trees soon). Plan on spending more than you expect. Don't forget up keep. Above ground is easy to get rid of in case you don't like it. The in ground could be $$ to install and similar to remove/fill.
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