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Thread: The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

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    The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

    Any tips on how to keep the suction-side PoolCleaner inside the pool? It keeps trying to leave.

    I've been using a Zodiac MX8. It requires nearly constant cleaning to maintain smooth operation and the cleaner itself is pretty restrictive on water flow. For me the MX8 has been more trouble than it's worth. My friend let me borrow his "The PoolCleaner" suction-side cleaner and while it's flow characteristics are better I can't get it to stay home. I really like the unit because in my plumbing configuration it allows for better flow and smoother pump operation. When my MX8 operates it adds more "head" (i think I'm using that term correctly) and my flow rate decreases a bit, creating a small loss in vacuum in my pump basket. It sucks a bit of air through my lid.

    Anyway, even when the PC tilts and loses suction its wheels still have traction, and it can make it up my zero-entry/beach-entry grade causing it to surface and get stuck above-water.

    Has anyone solved this problem? I'd really like to replace my MX8 with this thing, but can't have my pump lose prime all the time.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
    Denver, CO

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    Re: The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

    Perhaps just shortening the hose so it can't get out would work.
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    Re: The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

    Can't really do much with the hose. It's at a length that'll allow the vac to cover the whole pool and the entry is shy of that length. I've been messing with some floats to see if placing them on the hose further above the vac would help... but it doesn't seem to work. I'm going to see if support at Poolvernuegen has any suggestions. I've searched the Interweb pretty extensively and can't find people with this issue, which is kinda surprising since this is such a popular pool vac. I can't be the only person with a beach entry and a PoolCleaner.

    This issue with this vac is the round wheels. When other vacs get near the surface they get heavy and flip a bit and when they lose suction off the bottom they lose traction and turn. The round wheels on this thing have very good traction and it doesn't really matter how it gets oriented, it can still climb a slope.
    Denver, CO

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    Re: The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

    I know it's not funny... but when I read your post, I burst out laughing. Sorry, but I could just visualize that. I know somebody will have a solution for you. If I think of anything, I'll post.
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    Re: The PoolCleaner and a zero-entry pool

    I'm giving up on The PoolCleaner. The only solution I can think of is to build some sort of barrier. I think I could make something out of PVC that would work in my situation. It's kinda a pain though.

    The TPC would be the 3rd pool vac i've used. The first was the Hayward Navigator, which had no issues with a beach entry. The second is that Zodiac MX8. No issues, other than the fact that it could use some design improvements. The PoolCleaner... impossible without some sort of barrier. I'm thinking other pool vacs would also have this problem and I've just been pretty lucky so far.
    Denver, CO

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