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Thread: Ring-Around my Spa

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    Ring-Around my Spa

    Over the past couple of weeks my spa water seemed to become tinted with a brownish color.
    I use the BBB Method.
    My water chemistry was fine:
    FC = 4
    PH = 7.6
    TA = 80
    CA = 160
    CYA = 30
    Bor = 50
    Temp = 102.
    I shocked the spa multiple times up to FC = 35 and cleaned my filter twice..... still had the brownish color.
    My last water change was mid August. I noticed some brown build up (ring) around the top of my spa.
    So last week I drained the spa, cleaned and waxed every part of the spa..... the brown ring was difficult to remove, but it did come off. I re-filled the spa, put a new filter in, and brought my water chemistry back to where it was before the drain/refill. The water is crystal clear....... BUT I have been skimming off a brownish film off the top of the water and have been wiping off a brownish ring from around the top of the spa. I have also cleaned my new spa filter three times due to a brownish color which collected in the filter. Does anyone have any ideas on what the heck is causing this within my spa?

    My two daughters have used the spa frequently in the past....... and they do wear makeup into the spa.
    One even had one of those spray-on tans applied to herself for a wedding....... not sure if I am now seeing the makeup and spray-on tan in my spa, or just what is going on.
    No one has been in the spa since the new drain and refill.....

    Also, about a month ago I did purchase the wrong Clorox bleach (it was NOT bleach but detergent) and unfortunately put about 8 ounces of this concentrated detergent into my spa..... fought the suds and foam from this for about three weeks but it did resolve itself.

    I hate "Ring-Around-My-Spa"....... can someone please help me resolve this !

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    Re: Ring-Around my Spa

    I would have said that it was the makeup and spray-tan, but since you still have the residue even after a water change that's less likely unless enough of it remained in the piping. It's too bad you just changed the water because I would have recommended using Spa System Flush just before doing so. Though that's mostly to remove biofilms, it's a strong surfactant so would remove grease and oil and other organics that could stick to pipes and spa surfaces.

    Since the water is clear, I presume the problem is not metals and generally even their precipitate doesn't look as you describe it.

    If you will be having people with excess organics using the spa and since I presume your spa does not have an ozonator, you could use an enzyme product to more rapidly break down such organics or you could use a clarifier to capture it more quickly into the filter though the latter may not prevent a ring. You could also use a scum ball which will collect organics that float on the surface. Why don't you try the scum ball first since it's not too expensive and minimizes the amount of chemicals added to the spa.
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    Re: Ring-Around my Spa

    Keep the Oils out and you will not have trouble. Spas were not intended to filter out the oils, make up and other products self inflicted onto our self's. Send them to a public pool, or have a dirty spa. Make them clean up before climbing into your spa.....Bottom line is you are putting your own problem into your spa. Expect the same if you don't. Simple.
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    Re: Ring-Around my Spa

    Sick SPA !!

    I did add two scum balls a couple of days ago.... and have continued to monitor the water.

    No one has entered my spa since I changed the water about a week ago. I went out this morning to test the water and found this brownish film almost covering the surface of my spa. I have include a few pictures here so that someone can help me diagnose my problem. Is this some type of Algae?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Ring-Around my Spa

    Does your spa have long periods of stand stills? - ie how often does your filtration system run and for how long does it run each time?

    It may well be a bather contamination issue, given that you stated that your daughter's jumo in with make up etc still on, that would be a major contributor to any issue.
    Stuart Murray
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    Re: Ring-Around my Spa

    I have a similar problem and I have to drain about 6 inches to expose the ring and then use a roll of paper towels and bath tub cleaner to wipe away the ring.

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