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Thread: New home, confused about waterfall/pond(videos)

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    New home, confused about waterfall/pond(videos)

    Hello all,
    I take care of a pool, im totaly new to ponds, sorry for the dumb questions.

    The pond/waterfall has a 2hp pump and a sand filter, she has no idea if it was home to fish in the past. Im thinking no, the inlet for filter is just a pvc pipe with a check valve head.
    Of course the fish would get sucked in, do you think i could just have some kind of screen?

    If we decide to Not have fish, how can i clear alegae off of rocks with out adding chlorine? pool alegacide? or do i have to drain and clean each rock off?(wouldnt it eventually return ?) I know that with out chlorine it'll never be clear + wouldnt it kill the bamboo plants aswell?

    With out chemicals, how do i keep mosquitos in check?
    If there is no fish should i still check TA and PH to preserve pump or does it even matter?

    Hey Thanks Guys!
    25k I/G ecostar ccplus Polaris plaster

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    Re: New home, confused about waterfall/pond(videos)

    The filter, pump, and heater is for the nice pool spa combo and is a good set up. As for the pond it should have its own system it is seperate from the pool. It apears to have a submersable pump to make the water fall run. With out a filter system and chlorine you will not be ableto keep the water clear as far as the bamboo it is a tough plant and should not be affected by chlorinated water

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