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Thread: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

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    New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Hello, and first thanks for the help.

    I bought a new Hayward Ecostar Variable speed pump, installed it this morning, turned on the breaker the panel lit up as it should, gave me all the default info, I went through setup no problem, it turned on the pump ran, i cycled from speed 1 to 4 giving a minute at each speed, and checking psi on filter, and visually looking to see if water was successfully overflowing from spa back into pool as it would with my single speed pump.

    Turned it off, came inside checked this website for tips on how to determine which speed to run at and how long etc.
    went out side pressed speed 1 and it failed to start, pump basket is full of water, pump was already primed, it had worked.

    the display says Drive Error, Pump has stalled.

    I tried a few times, killed breaker waited 10 minutes powered up again and tried again, same result.

    is my new pump defective??
    any help on anything i should do besides yank it out take it back to leslies and demand a new one.


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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Welcome to TFP!

    Have you contacted Hayward's technical support?

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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Thanks for the welcome, No because they are closed today, i will be calling them first thing in the AM.

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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Hey Jeremy, welcome to TFP! I think this should be able to help! Do you currently have lots of back-pressure on the pump (possibly from solar panels?). Sometimes that can cause the pump to THINK its primed when it actually is not. Anyhow, try this to solve the problem!

    Have the Hayward instruction manual available(IS3400VSP Rev-C)
    Page 18, Part 5.6, Step 9

    -Press [MENU] to get to the "Configuration Menu Locked" display
    -press and hold down both [<] [>] buttons for a few seconds until "Configuration Menu press > to enter" is displayed.
    - scroll through the items until "Set max-speed Prime, Period: Auto Sense" is displayed and press [+] to change from Auto Sense to 3 minute mode.
    - exit out of the menu, save any changes if prompted
    - Problem will be solved, enabling timers to function as normal.

    Have a great day!

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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Thanks I had already tried that. It looks like its the motor or drive according to hayward

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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Hello Everyone - Hey I am getting the same error as Jeremybme.... I cannot get into the menu because the message Pump Stalled message will not allow me to go past this and into setup. Any suggestions? My unit is 2 years old. Any advise would be great!

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    Re: New Hayward Ecostar Pump Stalled

    Same problem with a 2-year old VSR3400. Seems like all the answers said to call Hayward, so I did. Within two minutes I was given the number of a local repairman and told all I had to do was show him my proof of purchase and he would repair the pump. Works for me...

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