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Thread: circupool rj45

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    circupool rj45

    We purchased a circupool rj45 in may of 2011. Installed and ran perfect for over a year, then the trouble started. In june of 2012 we started getting a low salt then water fault indicator. I of course called the dealer who helped as much as they could from afar. The system was not producing chlorine and had to use tablets and shock for alot of the hot month of june in the south. They ended up sending us a whole new system which worked perfect for 2 weeks then started with the same **** again. The customer service was awsome and I didnt want to be a total jerk by calling day after day but I am now super frustrated. I have had my water tested several times added stabalizer , phospho free, lots of salt still with no luck. Last salinity test at the pool store was 4100 ppm. Our pool is now green and gonna cost a chunk of change to get it right. Im really frustrated with this system after spending a 1000$. The main thing they kept telling me at dealer was that I have to have no phosphates. I have been told that are city water has phosphates and of course adding the water to the pool we will always have phosphates. Is this system that sensitive to phosphates??? Funny that it worked perfect for a year and our city water hasn't changed. Has anyone had this problem or am I the only one??? Please help!!!
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    Re: circupool rj45

    First if you're maintaining the chlorine level by bleach or with the use of a SWCG phosphates won't matter. (You may want to visit pool school. Phosphates are algae food if you kill the algae you don't need to worry about phosphates.

    I have a Compupool SWCG, its very similar to the Circupool. You might want to use liquid chlorine to bring up the chlorine level and follow the shock process. When you had the low salt indicator did you add the salt with the unit off? What was the salt level measurement? The water fault indicator I believe is caused by low water flow.

    In the cell are you seeing the formation of bubbles? What is the status of the cell plates? Clean/Scaled?

    Can you list a current set of pool water test results.

    What indicators are you seeing on the control panel? Do you have a volt meter that can also measure DC current?

    People will try to help but will need more info. I'm recommending you read the pool school shock procedure, get the shock process going, switch over to liquid bleach, then troubleshoot the SWCG.
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