Hi all,

Recently bought a house with an indoor, in ground, San Juan pool. It's a full 8 ft deep at the lowest point and I think its around 16,000 gallons.

I'm thinking that someone spent a small fortune having this extension put on and appears to be done right (was done around 1995). We have only had a few minor issues to date but am looking to do some work to make it even better. The room is cedar lined, has a HUGE HVAC system, a neat over watch deck, and a really nice drainage system.

Issues are:
- that the pool has staining and we are considering a resurface. Found two caps that I though would lead to a hydro static relief system but does not appear to be the fact... a little concerned about draining this thing.

- Surround is just flat concrete and the fiberglass lip sticks up just above the concrete. Thinking tile or possibly just concrete stain and seal with some non-slip but would like to not see the pool lip.

- Walls show signs of condensation

- Want to keep general maintenance costs as low as possible (including utility bills)

- Heater and filter appear to be ~17 years old

- Some other light metal staining where the water enters the pool (heater break down?)

Some pics:


vents and drains

small hot tub was included

Huge automated skylights

Thermostat and humidity controls look pretty old