One pool design we are looking at for our IG dry gunite pool has a notched raised bond beam for a 2.5 foot stone veneer retaining wall. We plan to have some low maintenance plants (shrubs, not trees) with an irrigation zone in the new planting bed formed behind the new stone veneer retaining wall.

I recall the PB saying they would seal the inside (pool side) of the gunite wall for the waterline tile, and they would seal the inside (pool side) of the notched wall for the stone veneer.

My question:

Should the outside (planting bed side) of the raised bond beam be sealed or waterproofed in some way? If yes, which product should be used? If yes, must the sealer/waterproofer be applied as soon as possible? We plan to backfill and populate the panting bed next Spring.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.