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Thread: 14ft pool filter question?

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    14ft pool filter question?

    I'm thinking the filter the pool came with will not keep the water clear it's a 14ft Intex, last year we had same filter with 12ft. I'm seeing regular filters, Saltwater and sand systems but can't figure out wich would be better and kinda less maintenance if any. Thanks for any help
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    Hello and welcome to TFP!

    I'll take a stab at this, and I'm sure there will be more learned souls along later to correct/clarify if needed. First, the filters on the Intex pools are woefully small. We started our pool experience with an 18 foot Intex, and I was forever changing the filters. A sand filter would probably be your best bet as far as relatively low maintenance. There's really no such thing as a saltwater filter - there are saltwater chlorine generators, but no saltwater filters.

    Now, having said that about filters, chances are you have something growing in the water which is why the water's not clear, and 99% of the time it's algae that's growing. You really need to either get a decent test kit and let us know what your free chlorine, pH, and TA are for your pool water so the learned souls here can get an idea of your water chemistry and how to correct what's wrong. If it is indeed algae, then you'll need lots of chlorine aka bleach to bring your pool up to shock level and keep it there until the algae is dead. But, first things first, get us your numbers. If a test kit is out of your budget, you can try taking a sample to a pool store and have them do the analysis. They often try to get you to buy their chemicals afterward, so be prepared to thank them for the analysis and then leave.
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    Also if you have the 14 foot I would get the biggest filter that they sell for the biggest intex pool...we had one for 5 years, and I think what happens is that the algae starts to grow underneath the inflatable ring. The skimmer doesn't pull debris and gunk from under there...and unless you are scrubbing the pool everyother day and pulling that **** out...the normal filter does not get that stuff out...therefor you always have an algae problem...I concur with getting a good test kit...the strips are a good measure of where you are once you get the balance proper...but if you ever leave your intex for a week or so...Be prepared to come back to a mess!!!
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    sorry, But I read that as a 14FT Filter, I was going to say how big do u want the filter...

    My Intex 1 is about 12 inches!!!! Cat A

    I feel so inadequate

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    We don't have the ring we have the metal frame 14x46 intex pool.
    14X42 Intex Ultra Frame

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