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Thread: Winter Issues

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    Winter Issues

    Hi! I'm new here!!
    My husband and I moved into a house with a 27' above ground pool with a deck this spring. The pool was in bad shape, and hadn't been covered over winter. It was green - and icky. (We live in Northern Indiana and get a decent amount of freezing and snow). The previous owner told us that he had swam in the pool the year prior, but as the weather got warmer and we started to do more with the pool we started to think he lied... The pool was horribly dirty, and we never could get the liner clean completely. Not to mention, how faded and wrinkled it was. But we chugged along throughout the summer with a mediocre pool. I was able to keep the water clean, but constantly fought algae on the liner because of the seams in the pool that had sat with who knows what in them for how long.

    Fast forward to fall - we decided to cover the pool and did a great job - or I was really proud of it. We did an air pillow and the cover has been installed successfully for about a month or 2 - but we have consistently been loosing water to the point that the cover is no longer sitting on water and we'll need to remove it due to the stress it's putting on the wall. We were planning on having a new liner put in come spring, so our pool store recommended we get in (there's only maybe 10-12 inches of water let in the pool), drain the pool (by poking a series of holes in the liner throughout) and brace the walls from both the inside and outside to keep them standing this winter. He also told me to cut the liner in a number of places because without water in the pool the liner will shrink and also put strain on the walls.

    I guess my question is, what's the hope of salvaging this mess? The pool was a money sucking pit this summer. The deck wasn't finished (no railing or gate) so we finished that and stained the deck. Had to buy a new filter (went from DE to sand) and a variety of other issues - all of which proved to us that he hadn't used the pool in quite some time. I honestly have NO IDEA how old the pool is and I see that the walls are strained already. What should we do? We know the liner needs replaced, so should we just cut it and brace the walls and hope for the best? I wanted to make it through the winter without any additional damage to it for spring, but I'm worried it might be a hopeless cause.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Re: Winter Issues

    Welcome to TFP

    Uncover it and let it keep draining. Hopefully the hole is not on the bottom of the existing liner. As long as 2+ ft of water remain, I would just leave it un covered and deal with it in the spring, since you plan on replacing the liner. A round pool should not have to be braced from the outside. Caving in is your main concern. Hope this helps and perhaps some more experienced folks will be along soon to guide you better.
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    Re: Winter Issues

    Thanks for your response!!

    I won't know for sure how much water is left in it until we get the cover off this weekend, but I can tell you the cover is NOT resting on the water anymore. I'm hoping there is at least 2 feet, but if the leak is in the bottom I have a feeling it will all be gone within a few more weeks. In that case, are you saying we should only have to brace from the inside, and not on the outside, if we have to brace? That would sure save on buying 2x4s

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