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Thread: Pump, blower, and heater will not start (coincidence?)

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    Pump, blower, and heater will not start (coincidence?)

    I have three problems that all happened together concerning my spa equipment.

    1) The blower will not start. I suspect it is an electrical problem, as when I turn the switch absolutely nothing happens. I have reset the breaker in the panel board and checked the wiring inside the blower. What seemed odd is that the switch only had a red wire hooked up to it (as well as the green ground). The black was not connected to anything. See picture below. Did something happen internally?

    2) My spa pump is will not start. For the past two days, it had been working but at an extremely loud noise, which I suspected was the bearing. Just today, it fails to turn on and only makes a humming noise. After 10 seconds, the humming noise stops (no breaker was tripped). See link to video below.

    3) My heater will not turn on. Is this because the pump is not turned on, and no water is flowing through it? Or are they completely independent?

    I have ensured that power is getting to the panel board next to my equipment, as my pool light works (same panel) as well as another outlet. My equipment is 8 years old.

    Pump: 2 HP Hayward Bay North Star
    Blower: Silencer 1HP

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    Re: Pump, blower, and heater will not start (coincidence?)

    Did you check that you have "220"Volts. Sounds like you may have lost a leg.
    Possible one side of the breaker is weak, which would cause motor to not run well till it gave out.

    As for the blower wiring, they are switching one leg of the blower, the other leg remains hot.

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