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Thread: Did u negotiate the price and features?

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    Did u negotiate the price and features?

    We have not started yet, as we're still working on which PB/pool to use so this may be the wrong forum, but I have a question: We're down to two PBs, each offering nearly the same pool design, features, and amenities (we're negotiating a 16 x 40 fiberglass pool from a Viking dealer and a Trilogy dealer) and each offer is nearly identical in price. As a frame of reference, both proposals are in the $44k realm, but one vendor has already offered an end of season discount to get his price down to the $44k realm, and the other has only offered a free "cascade" which I'm not to sure I want.

    Do you negotiate on price or do you negotiate on free/upgraded features, or do you not negotiate and accept their proposal?

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    Re: Did u negotiate the price and features?

    I negotiated some features like free upgrade to LED lights and 2 speed pump.
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    Re: Did u negotiate the price and features?

    The PB's in my area all do different style pools and include different options so it was very difficult getting an apples to apples comparison. It took a while but I finally narrowed my decision down to 2 PB that were similar in price but one did steel and the other polymer. The polymer guy was a little more money and he said he could offer a "swim out" for free (a $2000 value). The steel guy was pretty firm saying he has no room and his supplier was actually raising prices. He said this even after I told him the other option might be cheaper. At this point in overall cost, the price didn't matter anymore because I had gone way over what I thought this would all cost. I "believed" the steel PB more for some reason so I decided to go with him even though I couldn't really negotiate on his "package deal".

    Where I was able to negotiate were on the extras. My PB did not include the patio/decking in his package price but gave me a per foot cost. I know he has some profit built in since that is one of the few things he contracts out for. So after doing a little bit of calling around to get other prices, I was bale to get him down $2 a square foot from his stated price. It is now in line with cost if I found a company to do it for me. But this way, the PB is responsible for the setup and install and I technically save quite a bit of money in the process had I not done some research.

    I also got my PB to dig a few extra trenches for things like natural gas hookup for my heater. Normally the plumber woul do it and I;ve found that plumbers are the highest paid people on the planet. By having my pool guy dig the trench, I save over $600 (seriously!!).

    Finally, while I haven't narrowed down my search for various items like robotic pool cleaner and things like that, my PB said he can match or beat any price I see online like Amazon. I think at this point he's just offering me that stuff at or close to his cost since I've spent way more than either of us originally thought!

    I;ve heard that other places around the country have better negotiation opportunities. Unfortunately here in MA, while I tried my best to find several PB that install the same kind of pool, I had terrible responses from many companies or no response at all. So I got stuck with one PB for each main type of pool I could choose from (Steel, Polymer, concrete).
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    Re: Did u negotiate the price and features?

    Yes and yes i put two PBs against each other in a bidding war, and then asked both for best and final for decision day. Once I made my decision I called and said throw in the 2nd LED and sundecking on existing patio and I will sign today. Deal was reached.

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    Re: Did u negotiate the price and features?

    Thanks all for you replies. This helps a bunch. I'm meeting with one today, and another I just found offering Barrier Reef pools in two days. So now I have three. We'll see what develops.


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