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Thread: Which is better?

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    Which is better?

    We are getting a new (to us) above ground pool next month. It's a 15x33 oval with 54" height. Should I stick with chlorine and use the liquidator or should I purchase a SWCG? What size of each would you recommend?
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    Re: Which is better?

    That all depends on how much maintenance and it's cost that you want to put up with.

    A SWG cell only lasts about 3-5yrs before it needs to be replaced. Most IGP/large versions run around $500 for the cell +/- a hundred or so.
    You also have to periodically take them out and clean the scale out of them as well as acid wash "soak" them from time to time.
    As well as top off salt if it gets low from splashout, dilution, or backwashing. But a DudaDiesel/Scum Bag can help with the latter problem.

    A liquidator is simply a system pump powered liquid chlorine distribution tank. You'll have to haul liquid CL and fill it as needed and adjust the unit appropriately to maintain your FC levels.

    So there are trade offs with each. I love the idea of a SWG, it's just a cool piece of technology. But I don't like the cost, nor does the added energy consumption excite me. Not to mention the relatively short life and proprietary nature of the cells.
    But it sure beats lugging bleach jugs or chlorine carboys around.

    I imagine a liquidator is actually cheaper in the end, unless your pool just has a really high CL demand, bleach is cheap! SWGs are not.

    So it ultimately boils down to.
    A. (SWG = More cost for more convenience and a little cleaning now and then, plus replacing a cell or even electronics when they fail.
    B. Liquidator = Less cost now and in the long term, but less convenience than a SWG. Also harder on your back and more legwork a few times or less per month. But less work than manual dosing.

    I'm frugal, so I ultimately like B in the end, but if I had money and it weren't a problem. A would be the ultimate piece of kit.

    Hope that helps you weigh your options.
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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