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Thread: Chlorine Increase while away for a week?

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    Chlorine Increase while away for a week?

    This site has been amazing in helping me clean up a green swamp - THANKS

    I am currently adding Chlorine Bleach at the rate of 72 oz per day to maintain my "Crystal Clear Pool"

    I will be gone for a week soon, and want to come back to my beautiful pool.

    Do I pour 500 oz of bleach into the pool the day I leave, Or is there a better solution?

    I dread just thinking about coming home to a green swamp again!!!!

    Please HELP.

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    Re: Chlorine Increase while away for a week?

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    One option is to raise the FC to shock level for your CYA (which according to your signature is WAY too high) and if you have a cover, put it on. Then hope the FC lasts while you are gone. Best option is to have someone add some chlorine for you.

    Either way, I think you have some work to do when you get back though ...
    1. Your CYA is too high ... how did you get a reading of 100ppm? The test stops there so it could be much higher.
    2. If your CYA is 100ppm, the minimum you should be letting your FC get down to is 7ppm ... so at this point, there is likely stuff growing that you can not see yet.
    3. Since you have a CC of > 0.5ppm, you should be going through the shock process anyway ... which will also take care of any sneaky algae since your FC is too low. Of course before you start the shock process, best to address the CYA situation.

    Final note: Move the test results out of your signature, since they change daily. We try to keep the sigs length to 5 lines max as well. Thanks.
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    Re: Chlorine Increase while away for a week?


    I'm not seeing your test results (in particular CYA), so I take it that they were in your sig and you removed them from your sig as JB suggested. I would edit your original post and re-post your test results in the body of your original post.

    Assuming you have a CYA of 100 ppm, here's my take on your situation:

    Begin by adding Polyquat 60 algaecide to your pool as extra insurance against algae in the event your chlorine levels drop below the target for your CYA. I added about 10 oz. per 10,000 gallons before my recent vacation. Note that if you do step 1 below, add the Polyquat 60 after the partial drain & refill.

    The recommendations below are in the order of "best to worst".

    • 1. If you have time before you go on vacation, reduce your CYA by doing a partial drain & refill. Target a CYA of 30-50 ppm. Then, I would either have someone add bleach daily (preferred) -OR- If you can get your CYA down to around 30, I would dose with bleach up to the high end of your FC maintenance target for your CYA and then use trichlor pucks while you are gone assuming you have an in-line chlorinator. This approach worked well for me recently (see my vacation post below). If this is not an option, then...

    For the remaining options, I would lower the pH to around 7.2 before proceeding. Chlorine is more aggressive as a sanitizer at lower pH levels. However, do not reduce pH below 7.0 under any circumstances.

    • 2. Best bet is for someone to add liquid chlorine / bleach for you while away. If they are not comfortable with running tests, make it easy on them by telling them how much bleach to add daily. Of course, you will need to know your current daily chlorine demand. If this is not an option, then...

    • 3. Do you have a cover OR is your pool in a Florida room with a hard opaque (not screened) roof? Note that it is OK if sides are screened. If so, I would add enough bleach to get somewhere between the upper bound of your FC maintenance target (which I'm showing as FC=13 for CYA of 100) and shock level (25 ppm for CYA of 100). For a week, you should be OK without further additions since chlorine loss to sunlight will be mitigated due to the cover or the roof of the Florida room.

    • 4. If none of the above suggestions are an option and your pool is exposed to full sunlight, then your best bet is to add enough bleach to reach shock level before you leave, allowing enough time to run the pump to circulate everything. In all likelihood, you should not come home to a "green swamp" after a week without further chlorine additions especially now that it is autumn and the sun angle and daylight hours are decreasing daily and water temperatures are coming down from their mid-summer highs (even in central Florida). However, I would test your chlorine (FC & CC) & pH levels immediately upon your return to see if you need to go through the shock process. I would classify this alternative as "The best available solution in the face of adversity." Admittedly, this is not the best option but it's better than nothing.

    FWIW, Here's what I did during a recent 2-week vacation: Note that part of my solution involved using trichlor pucks, however that would not be an option for you at a CYA level of 100 since they will increase your already too high CYA. This trip was planned in advance and I managed my CYA level so that I could use the pucks as an option while I was gone. Once I returned, I immediately discontinued the pucks and went back to bleach for chlorination.
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