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Thread: Help Please? Closing w/BBB and CYA very low

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    Help Please? Closing w/BBB and CYA very low

    Hi! It is me again! Came on here in the middle of summer, bought a used pool and started with BBB from the start, and never had to go to shock level. Had a beautiful clean sparkling pool for the remainder of summer. Thanks to those here at TFP!!! So glad I learned about BBB from here. For the 8weeks it was open we KEPT a 3 FC daily level sometimes going to a 5 when sun exposure/heavy bather load days. It was always crytal clear!

    Ready to close up the pool now. My question is where should the FC (shock) level be with a CYA of well below 30 (my cheapie test kit only goes down to 30CYA) I put granules (pure CYA) back in end of July to BRING to level of 30CYA. Thought it would be good to test CYA before I close up to see where it is. Hmmmm. the levels are well below 30CYA (can still see the dot in cloudy water-it is cloudy though) We are closing up the pool today. We shocked yesterday to 12 level with Bleach yesterday, pump running since, vacuumed and cleaned side walls a few days in row too. I will add some bleach to get up a bit from the sun strong today. The most would be 14. Closing with FC level of 11-14 and CYA of say 15or20 gonna be ok? WE are in the Midwest, a snowbelt area, like a 100in a season (!)

    With such a low level of CYA is that going to mess up balance of what I put in of bleach now???

    And another ? Thought we'd skip the Polyquat60, but if someone convinces me otherwise?

    Other levels:
    PH: Ranging from 7.2-7.8
    Alk: 170
    Hardness: 120
    CYA: well below 30
    FC: shocked to 12 yesterday
    "VegMaPa" in the Midwest - a "NEWBIE"-opened pool July 2012
    AG Silverstone 24' Round x 52" -13,500GAL VINYL -ABOVE GROUND
    ClearWater Cartridge Filter CW65XL100SDBH (or is it W90, W120?) -Vortex XL150S 1.5HP Pump
    Hayward LP Gas Heater H150 .....LOVE TFP, crystal clear pool going on our 4th year!

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    Re: Help Please? Closing w/BBB and CYA very low

    Probably not much more FC than about 12ppm with your CYA being unreadable. There is no precise number that is critical but 10ppm would be about right, I think. I would skip the polyquat unless you already have it on hand.
    Dave S.
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