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Thread: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

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    Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    I have been noticing a trend with the acid injection pump heads on these units.
    They seem to be lasting only 3 to 4 months. Pentair has been good with replacing them, but after warranty is up that can get a little pricey.

    I have also noticed a back flow of pool water into the acid tanks after a period of time.

    Has anybody else been having issues with these.
    Trying to collect as much info as possible.

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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    I've had an IntelliPh for under 2 months. I don't have it dialed in quite yet because I'm still working in the SWG and pump run time. I know it's early, but, I haven't noticed any issues yet. However, I love it so far!!!
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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    I've been running an intellichem for ~10 months now. We had a one-time issue during the first 90 days where the pump and cabling was replaced. Since then, it has been running problem free. Never had pool water back flow into the tank, but then we were very careful with the setup. I don't see any indications at the moment that any further maintenance is required in the near future, but I wouldn't be surprised if the motor needs replacing again within the next year. Well worth it -- makes pool maintenance so much easier.
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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    New pool last fall with Intellichem using a 50gpd pump from a 5 gal tank. Haven't had a single issue and has ran great for the past two years without an issue. Love it!! Good luck on getting to th bottom of your issue.

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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    My pump head has failed on an intelliph. Only had it for 6 months. I will contact Pentair for replacement. The plastic rollers that press against the peristaltic tube have worn down and no longer compress the tubing enough to cause the pumping action. Has anyone else observed this? Does anyone know who supplies the peristaltic pump to Pentair?

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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    We have about 50 intellichems installed and haven't had to replace any pump heads yet (all units are 1-2 years old.)

    But we did notice a little rust on some of the rollers in the pump head. Pentair told us that if the acid is cut to 50% strength (or you use california lower strength acid,) you don't get the rust. Replacement heads are about $25 are are considered a depreciable..and should be replaced every year or 2.

    Overall, intellichem has been amazing for my customers. They really, really have worked great.
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    Re: Intellichem and IntelliPH users.

    I am having a backfill problem now. What is everyone else doing to fix this. Also what is the part number for the replacement head thanks. Steve
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