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Thread: Trouble with my pool contractor. What are my options?

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    Trouble with my pool contractor. What are my options?

    Hello, we chose our pool builder based on a recondomation and he started the beginning of the third week of August. He said it would take two weeks from start to finish. It got off to a good start as the excavation went well the first day and was complete. This is where the trouble started.
    1. He was supposed to install the pool walls the next day but said he couldn't get the pool kit for some reason. I gave him a deposit the week before so he could order it.
    2. The week ended and still no pool. He blamed it on there delivery service and said he would go pick it up with his excavators dump truck.
    3. Well for some reason he couldn't get the dump truck until late in the day and we lost another day. We are now exactly one week since the dig and no pool walls up. Just a pallet of pool walls.
    4. They show up the next day and bolt together the pool walls which takes them about three hours then leave.
    5. It rains over night then so he calls me and says its too wet to level the pool. They could have done this the day before? Its now Friday.
    6. No body shows up over the weekend.
    7. Its Monday and they show up around 10 and level the pool. He tells me he couldn't get concrete today so its going to be Wedsday. Im starting to get irritated because I feel that they should be much farther along. He says don't worry there going to "bang" it out.
    8. Concrete shows up and they pour footer and shallow end. He told me they we're going to pump it from the street but the truck was halfway up my driveway because the line was to short. He says its too wet to backfill so its going to be tomorrow.
    9.Thursday and no Gravel. He says he couldn't get it until Friday. I am really mad now I told him I know I could get it from the place down the street in an hour. I know he is lying to me now.
    10. It rains over nite and a triaxle shows up and dumps a huge pile of gravel in my front yard. I am furious that they didn't put it in the driveway. I know that my whole front yard is going to get trashed now.
    11. They back fill half my pool and tell me the bobcat is running funny and thats it for today. Another three hour day.
    12. Its now been over two weeks and all that is done is pool is half backfilled. I can't get my excavator in here to grade yard until its fully backfilled. In the meantime the service tech comes out and fixes the bobcat. He drained the fuel filter of a little water. He said he told them to try this and they obviously didn't. They just wanted to leave again.
    13. Its Now monday and they show up and finish backfilling. And leave. I call and say why can't you install the liner now? He says it won't be in until Wednesday. I start complaining about why he didn't order it weeks ago when I gave him deposit for the pool? His only answer is that he already has more money in the pool than I gave him bla bla bla. Then he asks for another deposit check. For some reason I actually give him one.
    14. Wednesday comes and he says something happened with the liner and it won't be in until next Tuesday! I am loosing it now.
    15. Its Monday and I notice four large cracks in my concrete driveway. I assume from the concrete truck or triaxle.
    16. It rains tuesday and Wednesday. So I don't hear from him until Thursday. He texts me and says he had a death in the family and won't be able to put the liner in until Monday or Tuesday. Which where we are as of today. I want to fire him but I have already paid him a lot of money and only owe him $4000 yet to finish.
    17. I also notice that some of the plumbing lines are way shorter that the others and are not going to reach where we want to put the equipment. Is this going to be a problem when we pour concrete in the spring?

    Sorrr for the long list but it has been a real bad experience. I know I have been lied to repeatedly and I just want them out of my yard. What can I do?

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    Re: Trouble with my pool contractor. What are my options?

    Gosh...sorry to hear about your problems. I have heard worse where the contractor took the deposit(s) and just left, at least this one is still responding and since he is (although unreliably) there is just not that much you can do, unless time to complete was specifically written into your contract. My best advice is to review your contract with your attorney and explore options...even a simple letter from your attorney to the builder can be enough of a kick in the behind to get things moving along again.
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    Re: Trouble with my pool contractor. What are my options?

    Also, the pool has been full of water without a liner for a week now. Is that going to hurt the poolcrete?

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