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Thread: Leaking Union Hayward 6060 Booster

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    Leaking Union Hayward 6060 Booster

    I have had the booster now working since January with no problems. Came out today and there is a considerable amount of water leaking from the top 1 1/2 inch connection.

    Searched the forum and found the info on the O-ring. Purchased a new o-ring. Installed with plumbers silicone lube. Hand tightened. Still leaked.

    Checked the plastics. No crack. Water definitely not from coupling with PVC as the water is coming up nut.

    Tightened a bit more with strap wrench, no help. Slight movement changed the flow from the leak. Tried the blue stuff out of desperation even though many posts said not to use. I figured it was screwed up already....

    Called Hayward and they are sending me out another union, but I hate to redo the plumbing if that is not the problem. They told me to call out a service person. I was tempted, but as I did the work myself, I did not want to deal with the discussion about where I purchased etc. I told the Hayward rep I put it in and he said he could just send me the part...

    Is this a job of exclusion? It seems like it. If I do the plumbing and put the new union on and there is still a leak, I assume it is the housing? Does not make sense that the housing would just crack?

    This sort of stuff drives me nuts as it is the summer (no freezing) and I don't think anyone hit or moved the pump. I doubt the yard guys touched it as it is not where there is grass. What happens when the professionals get a call with this sort of problem? Any suggestions?
    Columbia, Missouri
    13600 gallons
    24' x 48" Round AGP. 1.5 hp/12 amp ecokleer pump. 22" ecokleer sand filter.

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    Re: Leaking Union Hayward 6060 Booster

    I ran across your posting while trying to research the same problem with my booster pump. I'm ready to call someone from Hayward to come out to fix it, because I've exhausted my capabilities. Did you have any success with yours?


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    Re: Leaking Union Hayward 6060 Booster

    This was a real PITA. I had to have them send me new 2 1/2 inch couplers three times as well as rework the PVC pipes each time as I had to attach the new coupler.

    This appears to be a design issue. Mine has been leak free now for a few months, but I feel it is only a matter of time. All I can say is to make sure your pipes are perfectly aligned and don't tighten the coupler too much. Hand tighten only, enough. I had a pool guy tell me he does not use the couplers and just cements in the PVC. I was scared to do this because if anything went wrong, I'd have to buy a new housing.

    I'm not happy you are going through this, but I feel better that I'm in good company. I reworked my whole system and I'm sure I did a very good job with the coupler, three times. Trust me, I don't think it is you.

    When I called last, the Hayward rep assured me that they would take care of me if the problem reoccurred. I'm probably out of warranty now. I don't have the information available, but if you could get the part number for the coupler for the thread, I'm sure some day we will be using it.
    Columbia, Missouri
    13600 gallons
    24' x 48" Round AGP. 1.5 hp/12 amp ecokleer pump. 22" ecokleer sand filter.

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