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Thread: Closing first time - couple questions

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    Closing first time - couple questions

    I live in southern Ohio (US) (16k gal ingound/vinyl, 5 returns, skimmer & main) and looking to close for the first time myself . Here are the steps I've outlined to do (hopefully creating a repeatable process!).

    Prepare The Water:
    1. Vacuum one last time
    2. Get chemicals to correct settings
    3. Backwash and rinse one last time
    4. Lower water to 2 inches below skimmer (using main drain)

    Prepare The Filter:
    5. Remove the site glass from filter (near top) and store it
    6. Remove the drain cap from filter (near bottom) and store it
    7. Remove the backwash hose and clamp from the filter and store them

    Prepare The Pump:
    8. Remove pump drain plug (near bottom of pump) and store it
    9. Remove the pump basket and store it

    Prepare The Return Lines:
    10. Remove all return eyeball jets (5) and store them
    11. Hand tighten 90 degree elbows in each return (may need Teflon tape). The longer ones go into spa jets near steps.

    Prepare The Skimmer:
    12. Remove the skimmer basket and store it
    13. Insert the Gizmo (may need Teflon tape)

    Winterize The Pool:
    14. Insert compressor quick-connect fitting to pump drain (near bottom)
    15. Set filter to recirculate
    16. Blow one line at a time using valve controls (check pressure!!!)
    17. Place a half gallon of antifreeze in each line (only main drain?)
    18. Place a small empty jug/bottle in skimmer itself
    19. Place empty plastic jug in skimmer door (forcing skimmer door open)

    Cover The Pool:
    20. Raise all pool cover cleats around pool deck
    21. Place cover into position
    22. Place one long side into cleats
    23. Use cover bar to stretch other long side onto cleats

    Now for a few questions:
    Step 4: Is 2 inches about right? Note: I have 90 degree elbows that are placed into the returns to bring them above the water line.
    Step 16: I plan on closing all the lines (7 total) at the pump before blowing each one at a time. Is that OK? Once a line is blown, should I immedately close that line for the winter and leave it closed?
    Step 17: Is a half gallon of antifreeze per line about right? Should I use antifreeze in all of the lines?
    Step 19: Do I need a plastic bottle to prop open the skimmer door for the winter? Seems the pool store did that last year.

    Anyone see other issues with this?
    All advice is greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Closing first time - couple questions

    We normally recommend bringing the FC to shock level for pool closings. I have a question about the 90 degree elbows in the return lines. Do you have return fittings that screw into the return openings or are your return fittings the "slip in" type? My thinking is the elbows are going to rub against the pool cover when it is weighted down with snow. The snow could have enough weight pressing down on the elbows to damage the return openings. You can find plugs for the return openings, either screw in plugs or expansion plugs for the slip openings.
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    Re: Closing first time - couple questions

    Tim From another Buckey (northern Ohio) it sounds like a sand filter. If you want your pressure gauge to work next year remove it and store it so it cant freeze.
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    Re: Closing first time - couple questions

    The elbows do screw into the returns but good point on possible damage from the cover sagging. The pool company did use them in previous years with no problem. They seem to stay pretty close to the wall but I'll check it out just in case.

    It is a sand filter and I will add a step to remove the gauge. Good catch - thanks.

    Thanks for the help.

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