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Thread: No drain acid wash

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    No drain acid wash

    We had a saltwater system, but when it took a dump last summer, I decided to go straight chlorine (old school). I bought a floater with tablets and shock and I was on my way. Over time I did not keep my end of this deal, and I was not keeping an eye on the chemicals. I would test the water and would only add chlorine or acid as needed, but I did not test for other chemicals that can cause problems. Yellow algae started and I started to treat this issue, but it always came back. So last weekend we decided to drain the pool water and start over with a better plan of keeping a better eye on the chemicals. For piece of mind I asked a pool supply house how to treat the walls where the yellow algae accumulated. He stated that the algae is dead, however, if it will make you feel better get a 2:1 ratio of chlorine and water and just pore it on the walls. We did this and washed it off with the hose and started to see some staining, I thought that maybe when the pool is filled that the stains would fade, they have not. I also saw white stains on the steps and in front of the skimmer. A pool surface company was hired to bead blast the calcuim waterline off our tile. The company told me that the white stain on the steps and in front of the skimmer were from the floater and chlorine tablets. This company suggested a no drain acid wash for the stains from the 2:1 chlorine/water wash. They said it might work but not sure if I should. The pool surface is a 3M plaster/pebbles. i have seen other chemicals for stains that seem easier to handle, what would you suggest.
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    Re: No drain acid wash

    Hi, welcome to TFP! Since you drained the water and replaced it, we may have a little trouble finding out exactly what is going on. However, if you have calcium scale on your tile, you probably have it on the plaster as well. Does the plaster feel rougher in those areas where it is stained? Do you remember what brand of shock and tablets you where using in the pool? Do you have hard water in your area?
    One of the best investments you can make is a high quality FAS/DPD based test kit. We recommend the Taylor k2006 or the TF100. Either kit will give you reliable results for FC, CC, CH, CYA, TA, and pH. These tests will make it easier for you to keep up with the testing and keep the pool balanced.
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    Re: No drain acid wash

    I have a kit currently and it is telling me there is no chlorine and i have put shock in. I added salt to the pool, because we were going to get a new chlorine generator, but I would like to be sure about the one that I have needs to be replaced. I added the salt because I wanted to see what the generator was going to show me, and while I have been waiting on this issue the pool has no chlorine, what can I do for a pool with salt and no chlorine.
    14' x 30', 13K plaster/gunite IG pool, Hayward Pro-Grid DE filter (DE4820), Pentair automatic chlorine/Bromine In-Line-Feeder (Model 320), A.O. Smith 1 1/2HP motor, Hayward Super II Pump (C48L2N134B1), Hayward gas heater (H250), 4 jet spa.

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    Re: No drain acid wash

    What sort of kit do you have?

    We'll need to know your CYA levels in order to properly advise you as to how much CL to add to bring your FC levels up.
    Stop using the shock powder until such time as you get a full set of tests, including CYA.
    Even then, we don't recommend shock powder as it adds additional calcium and potentially other unknown things. Calcium being something you don't want to regularly add to your pool once properly balanced and the 'unknowns' should never see your pool.
    There are shock powders that don't even add CL, they are CL free oxy shocks.

    Shocking is a process using liquid CL/Bleach, not a powder that you pour in.

    Read up in "Pool School" you'll find the link in my signature, it will give you all the info you'll need to know to properly manage your pool. If something doesn't make sense, go back and read some more, trust me, it'll begin to make sense.

    But we're here to help you.
    Get a CYA reading and post back with your numbers on it plus TA/pH/CH.
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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