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Thread: Transition to BBB method....

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    Transition to BBB method....


    I have had my pool for 2 seasons now and I just recently winterized it. I plan on using the BBB method starting next spring. I also ordered the TF-100 test kit in preparation.

    My current setup is a Hayward Filter and Zodiac/Nature2 Sanitizer unit which uses the TriChlor tablets and the mineral pool sanitizer cartridge. This year I noticed more algae problems. So I figure I go with the BBB method and save some money in the process.

    My question, given my above setup, how do I get started with the BBB method (starting in the spring)? Do I eliminate the sanitizer? What should I do to start using the BBB method?

    Thanks you.
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    Re: Transition to BBB method....


    Good choice on the TF-100. When you get it you'll want to see where your CYA is at, you may have to correct that if high with a partial drain and refill. Once you get numbers post them here and someone will help and advise. I've not used the Zodiac/Nature 2, but Trichlor adds CYA so is not normally recommended, although occasional use while out of town is okay if you're aware of what it will do to your water balance.
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    Re: Transition to BBB method....

    Welcome to TFP.

    Just don't replace the mineral pac and use bleach instead of the Trichlor. I'd go ahead and get a full set of test results now so you'll know if you'll have to replace any water next year. That way you may be able to use rain water during the winter to replace some of the pool water if your situation warrants it.
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    Re: Transition to BBB method....

    I just quit putting cartridges into my Nature 2. Eventually, I deplumbed it from the equipment pad completely and never looked back.

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    Re: Transition to BBB method....


    Assuming you haven't winterized to the point where you cannot run your pump, I would add enough chlorine (recommend using liquid bleach) and make sure the water is balanced with regard to pH & TA (after you get the TF100 and run a series of tests and taking any corrective action necessary regarding your CYA). The pH takes precedence over TA, so I wouldn't sweat the TA too much as long as the pH is in the recommended range (see Pool School). Water balance tends to be overlooked during the off-season, but it plays a role in the health/longevity of your pool finish & equipment just as chlorine does to proper sanitation.
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