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Thread: Opinion on latest test results please

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    Opinion on latest test results please

    OK, after 3 months of testing & adjusting, this is where I am - and I could use some opinions as to whether there is anything you would do to the water:

    From the TFT-100 :

    FC = 8.0 (yea, a bit high for my CYA .. for the last 5 days I was using the Blue test kit vs the FAS/DAP test .. So given the yellowish color (suggesting 5.0), I was adding 36-42 oz of bleach almost nightly ... I'll let it go tonight & possibly tomorrow. That Blue kit is SOOOO subjective).
    CC = 0
    PH = 7.5
    TA = 110
    CYA = 50 (again, Soooo subjective .. could be anywhere between 40 & 60 to my eyes)
    CH = 260
    Pool Temp = 82

    I think the water could be a bit more "sparkly" or clearer, if that makes sense. I mean, everyone says how great it looks, and I mostly agree - but more clear would be a side benefit to ME personally. Is there anything I could do to get it just a bit more CLEAR? or maybe I should just give up for this season - probably only another 3 weeks of use anyway.
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    Re: Opinion on latest test results please

    You have reached a very good chemical level, and I would only look to keep everything where it is. Don't worry about the FC level either it certainly won't do any harm at 8ppm, especially in a residential pool, it gives you some room to maneuver on your maintenance regime.

    If you are looking for a further sparkle to your water you might want to look into adding borates next year, as users report a more silky shine and feel to the water. If you are going down the borates route you will likely have to bring your TA level down to between 70-90

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    Re: Opinion on latest test results please

    I think the water could be a bit more "sparkly" or clearer, if that makes sense.
    One of the first signs that something is trying to get started in your water is a dull/flat appearance of the water, iow, it loses its sparkle.

    If it was my pool, I'd bring it to shock level tonight and do an OCLT tonight/tomorrow morn.
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    Re: Opinion on latest test results please

    Numbers look good. If your FC consumption has been pretty constant, the dullness could be nonorganic debris clouding it up. I'd try giving it a good brush and vacuum, then increase the pump run time for a day or two.

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