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Thread: Pool pump issues

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    Pool pump issues

    I have a Hayward pump on my pool that has been running nearly continuously since the summer of 2008 (the wife likes to keep the waterfall on) that is now showing some trouble signs. Here is my setup:

    I will also mention quickly that you can see one of the union ball valves that I added for filter maintenance in this photo thanks to advice I got from you guys.

    Anyway lately the motor has become very noisy and hot to the touch. There also seems to be some black discoloration going on as seen under the Hayward label. I am guessing a bearing issue is starting to happen.

    So I'm looking for advice on how to proceed. Are these motors repairable or not worth the bother and just replace it? Can the motor be removed fairly easily or does the whole pump assembly need to be replaced?

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    Re: Pool pump issues

    It's probably easier to replace the motor, but the bearings can be replaced if that's all that's wrong.

    You can leave the wet end in place and just remove the motor and impeller and change it and put it back together without messing with the plumbing.
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    Re: Pool pump issues

    Not exactly sure of the amount of time involved for your particular pump, but if you're at all handy, it is well within the realm of doable.

    As for cost, you can probably pick up a pair of bearings from Grainger for about $15. (Slightly more if they need to be shipped.)

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    Re: Pool pump issues

    Thanks for the replies.

    I have taken the motor off and I'm getting close to having the armature out of the case to get to the bearings. I was concerned though with the dark discoloration ring I am seeing around the motor. You can see some of it here:

    I didn't know if this was indicative that I have more problems than just noisy bearings. I know that the motor casing was quite hot to the touch when I shut it down. Is this normal or should I be checking other things as well?

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