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Thread: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

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    Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    Hey guys, I am new to having an above ground swimming pool. Had one at my parents but it was an inground and all concrete so totally different then a linear pool.

    Our pool is brand new, only have had it for 3 months. It is a 24ft. salt water above ground linear pool. I shut down the pump last night since we are closing it tomorrow. When I shut down the pump and the water stopped moving I noticed right away that the whole bottom of my new pool was a light blue now. Our linear is a dark blue colour so now the pool is two toned. I can see some dark still in it from where the stairs were sitting on it. Now I know it is not from anything we did as far as the water goes since we always had it tested and the faded bottom follows the seam perfectly around the whole pool where it joins the wall linear joint before going up the wall. So I am guessing this is a defective linear used on the bottom? Anyone else ever have this happen?

    Also since I am sure they will be replacing it what will happen now that one side of my pool is in the ground at least 5 to 8 inches? It is hard clay with some beach stone on top for looks. I am thinking it should not move since the clay is form fitting and so hard. The other side of the pool is pretty much on grade.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    Liners fade, even brand new ones. It's like putting a pair of folded jeans out in the sun all summer and then unfolding them to see how much color the sun has sucked out of it verses the under lying fabric that the sun didn't get to. There is a noticable difference between the same fabric. As far as your pool liner goes, normal use of chlorine also contributes to the fade. I don't think you have a defective liner and I don't think the manufacturer will replace it.
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    Re: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    Yes I understand that the sun will fade it but if that was the case would it not have faded some of the sidewall too? Thats the part I don't understand. It follows the joint in the linear all the way around the wall and does not cross over that joint even if the side wall joint is lower on the bottom then the rest of the pool. This is why I believe there is something wrong. Also remember I only had the pool for 3 months, there is no way this should fade that much in only 3 months. If that is the case it will be completely white next year. I have others that have the same dark blue linear and they have next to no fading and older then mine. Either why they have to pull my linear to repair a sink hole from the install so most likely they will put a new linear in. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this in such a short time?
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    Re: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    Pool store testing can be very inaccurate. It could be a combination of High FC levels and sun exposure. What were your average chemistry levels (especially FC, PH and CYA)? Highly doubt you'll get a warranty replacement, unless it fails, but I hope you do. My liner is also faded everywhere except under the mat/stairs but no one other than myself and DW notice it. Also occurred after one year (4month season), dark blue boulder print and the pool gets about 8-10 hours of sun exposure.
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    Re: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    Hey guys, just an update on the situation since now my pool has been closed for a few months for winter. I took pictures of the linear and sent them to the pool company. They have never seen this happen before. They will be replacing the whole linear for me plus paying for the water to refill it. So I am lucky in that part of it. Now I am a little afraid to go with a dark blue linear again but thats what we like best and all our friends have never had this problem with theres. You have to remember that it is just the very bottom piece of the linear and it is in a perfect round circle where the bottom joins the wall pieces. So if it was something wrong with my water balance you would see it on the walls too. This is why the pool place said they would replace it right away with no argument since that makes no sense to them either.

    I have had some time to think about it more and do you guys think that maybe the peat moss they installed under the pool could be reacting with the salt water above the bottom linear some how? I am just stumped and trying to think of everything.
    On ground pool 16x32 with deep end -shallow end 4' deep end 7' 80 000L of water pool installed 2011 SW (currently not working) sand filter we are in ontario

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    Re: Bottom of new pool linear all faded

    I think it's just that the bottom piece had a manufacturing defect where the dye wasn't chemically mixed with the vinyl properly or was the wrong kind of dye or some other manufacturing problem. I suppose you'll fine out after they replace it.
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