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Thread: Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

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    Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

    I have the Intex Ultra Frame 18'x52". I am thinking about putting a Hayward outside skimmer to replace the over the edge Intex skimmer (if I could get up the guts to cut the liner, heh). The existing skimmer bracket is really flimsy and has broken on me from fatigue. Finding that over the edge clamp on bracket is very difficult as the Intex store is out of stock (and seems to have been for some time).

    Anyway back to the Hayward. From what I've seen in this forum, it looks like the water line in the pool is supposed to be half way up the skimmer square intake hole? From the pics I've seen the skimmer can only be cut in so high and it looks like as high as it will go will still result in having to lower the water line at least 4 inches or so or the water will be covering the skimmer hole completely. I'm not willing to lose 4 inches of depth for this skimmer to work if that is the case. Will the skimmer still be effective if the hole is completely covered by water?

    Another question. I take it the threads on the Hayward skimmer are not going to work with the existing Intex hose from the Intex pump? What's the workaround to getting that hose to work without having to hard plumb it in?

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    Re: Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

    Skimmer works only if there is a way for debris to drift in on top of the water. 2/3rds can be covered but not 100%.

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    Re: Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

    You should be able to buy a replacement intex skimmer at big lots.
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    Re: Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

    I'm surprised that in discussions about installing one of these, no one talks about the result of losing 4 or more inches of depth in the pool. That's a lot to me in a 52" pool. Either some people haven't thought about losing that depth (until they actually install it) or don't mind the pool not being as deep.

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    Re: Question about Hayward Skimmer in Intex pool

    I hard plumbed my 18x52 intex and installed a thru wall skimmer and i love it, i did not mind the loss of a couple inches of water. The thru wall skimmer works 100% better than the over the wall intex type so the trade off is a win.......Mike
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