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Thread: Keypad Bad on StaRite Heater Help

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    Keypad Bad on StaRite Heater Help

    Hi, I have a StaRite heater SN200 and the membrane keypad has gone bad-- meaning it's very finicky to push the buttons just right to get it to turn on, and sometimes is impossible. FYI... there is no remote or anything like that on this heater so the keypad is my only means of operation.

    A few questions:
    1. Is there anything I can do to "temporarily" improve the existing keypad performance? Such as poke or cut some small holes in the buttons and inject some electro-contact cleaner under them?

    Replacing the keypad. I found an online retailer that sells the keypad membrane only which is 1/2 the price of replacing the whole "Control Board Enclosure/Membrane Panel Kit. (membrane only is $75 vs near $150 for the whole thing).

    2. Is it advisable to replace the membrane only, and does someone have instructions on how to do this? Or is it advisable to just replace the whole "Control Board Enclosure/Membrane Panel Kit?"

    FYI...I'm pretty technical and handy with tools.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Keypad Bad on StaRite Heater Help

    Use the Google search at the bottom of the page an search for Remote repair or keypad repair and you'll find a topic on how another user repaired his.
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    Re: Keypad Bad on StaRite Heater Help

    To replace is very easy. You do not have to replace the entire enclosure. Once the pad is shot, it's done for. The biggest problem is once the pad is destroyed water can get onto the system board and destroy it. Doesn't sound like you have that issue, yet. The only remote is if you have a control system that has a remote for controlling the pool/spa. If you did then you would probably never use the keypad on the heater.

    Make sure the power is off to the unit. Remove the 4, if you have all 4, screws from the plastic enclosure.

    Then locates 2 clips, if you have them, that hold on the plastic top enclosure on and pull them. This allows you to remove the top.

    Flip top over and remove the 4 screws holding the system board in place.

    Disconnect the ribbon cable from the board.

    Now turn the top over and peel the old pad off. You might need to use a putty knife. Pull it off.

    Now remove the backing from the new pad and feed the ribbon cable thru the slot that the old one was in.

    Position the new pad correctly on the unit. Be careful because if you screw it up you could ruin the new pad.

    Now plug the ribbon cable back on the board. NOTE: Some older units had a few more options on them and the new pad doesn't. The blue connector then needs to be positioned correctly on the pins.

    Put everything back together and power the unit on and hopefully it all works. Here is the manual that could help you with a few things.
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    Re: Keypad Bad on StaRite Heater Help

    Thank you pso303,
    I will replace it in the spring and I appreciate your instructions. The season is over for us in NY

    At any rate, I did a make shift fix and cut the membrane open on the bottom and sides of the buttons and cleaned things out. Everything was working fine. However last night it rained, and I hadn't covered the buttons. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear my heater running... it turned on all by itself, probably from the rain... YIKES!

    I've since turned off the power and will use your instructions to change my keypad.

    Thanks again.

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