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Thread: Planning for Intex 18' Ultra Frame next spring questions..

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    Planning for Intex 18' Ultra Frame next spring questions..

    I've gotten some good deals on the pool and filters, but being from NY, there's no point in me putting the pool up now, so it will stay in the garage for the winter. I've cleared out a 20 foot circle for where I plan on putting the pool, and I ran electric underground to a post so that part is set. I still have to do some leveling and remove some rocks from the area. My question is, if I get a couple of inches of sand to help level it next spring, do I really need to go crazy with removing all of the rocks? Will a couple of inches of sand suffice? I will rake out as much as possible before hand.

    I'm also considering putting the wall insulation on top of the sand as some of you have stated. If I do all that, I should be protected from the rocks. My plan is to keep the pool up during the winters and take my chances rather than packing it up and then having issues the following season.

    I also got a great deal on the 2650 Intex Sand filter and the Intex salt water generator which I got from Target for $100.

    I have a garage full of pool stuff but no pool! LOL. I even got toys and floats! Can't wait till next spring. I really could have used the pool this year as it was hot. With my luck, we'll have a mild summer next year.

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    Re: Planning for Intex 18' Ultra Frame next spring questions

    Just finished my 18' x 48" install the past two weekends.

    Some Lessons learned...

    1. Remove all the rocks, the little peaks and valleys that they create can cause frustration after the many hours of leveling.
    2. As mentioned in numerous post, do not use sand to fill in voids or to "level". Take to time to level the "actual ground" before you put down sand.
    3. I love the feeling of the foam underneath the liner.
    4. Hooked up my 2650 sand filter this weekend and wow what a big difference.
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    Re: Planning for Intex 18' Ultra Frame next spring questions

    excellent advice^^^^^^ definatly remove all rocks and prior to putting down the sand spray the entire area with grass and weed killer and then with insect killer......Mike
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    Re: Planning for Intex 18' Ultra Frame next spring questions

    We had used pipe sand as a base and you could feel the small pebbles under you feet. Luckily they weren't sharp. Going to rake good in the spring and put foam down too. The rocks will work their way to the surface under all that weight. I had Found this site about a week after I put the pool up, otherwise I would have used the blocks under the posts and the foam. Oh well, going to disassemble this year and make the changes in the spring.
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