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Thread: replaced cell generator reading high amps, auto shutdown

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    replaced cell generator reading high amps, auto shutdown

    First time on the site...I saw a very similar post in 2011.
    I replaced a hayward salt cell generator with a new one the 15 model. Everything was working great for about 2 weeks. My salt levels on the readings came up..everything was spot on. I paid $300 for the unti, where as the pool installer wanted to charge me $900.
    Since it is after labor day, I re-set the timers of the filter..instead of a 12 hour a day run, I cut it back to 8 hours a day..we only keep it open one more month to utilize the attached spa. Spa is at 9% chlorine ..pool is at 60%

    Once I did that, the next day the warning light came on, +40.62 volt ..10.04 amps..69 degrees..2400ppm
    THe unit sez salt/amp levels too high shutting down chlorinator...
    when I overide to start chlorinator I get the reading I mentioned.

    Last night I drained a good 2 feet of water, and put in fresh water to top everythin off.
    Still get same message and readings? I did see some chatter about taking off the mother board and soldering some wires...scares me, but if that needs to be done, can anyone walk me through it or send photos ?

    OR, do I need to give the filter 24 hours to recalculate the readings ?
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: replaced cell generator reading high amps, auto shutdown

    The Aquarite usually takes salt readings from the past hour and averages them. There is also an option for a "instant" salt reading. You shouldn't need to wait 24 hours for anything.

    It's a good possibility that the cell could be causing the issue. If you paid $300 for a T-CELL-15 I would imagine it is an aftermarket cell. Because these cells are not made my Hayward it could cause the voltage/amperage to run weird. I just had a customer call me the other day who purchased an aftermarket cell (not from me, we only sell originals) and it was giving her problems right out of the box. Although $900 is very high for a T-CELL-15 you can pick-up an original T-CELL-15 from several reputable vendors for much less. I always find that original salt cells perform much better and are worth the extra $150-$250.00.
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    Re: replaced cell generator reading high amps, auto shutdown

    is the spa connected/overflowing into the pool? what do you mean by 9% chlorine and 60% chlorine?

    one salt system chlorinating both the spa and pool?

    is your salt level (24 hr reading) 2,400? why are you getting high salt reading? you would get that if you put a lot of salt in at once. give it 24 hrs and high salt reading will go away. also check to see if you accidentally switched control panel to a different cell setting. you can select T3, T9 and T15. if anything other than T15 selected unit will see high salt and might shut down.

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