We have had the 8110 for 3 years and no problems till now. There is no power to the power supply ( the gray housing to the right of the electronic side.) We tested for power and none. The unit is toally enclosed, so cant open see the transformer.

So I ordered a new one from Amazon ($167 with shipping) and we got the CS 8110 with copper. Plugged it in, programmed for 11 hours (we have a 24' 4' high pool) and the green light of making chlorine went right to a (new to us) red service light. We added salt, had alot of rain and pool had no SWG for 5 days so we added 40 lbs of salt. Still the new SWG did not work and red service light came on. NO WHERE in the book does it even tell you about the red service light, the DVD did-call Intex! (ha if they answer)

We opend the electronic side of the new cs8110 and there is a bad FUSE, marked F2!!!!!!!!! It is hard wired or soldered, can we take it off or replace it or should we send it back to Intex since only 4 days old?

1. Any thoughts on old one with no power?
2. Could we replace the bad F2 fuse?