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Thread: Polaris back-up valve problem

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    Polaris back-up valve problem

    Hi all,

    I have a Polaris 280 that was having backup-valve problems. We replaced the back-up valve and now instead of cycling on and off every 6-8 minutes it happens much more frequently, so there is very little time cleaning the pool and the hoses are getting tangled because the unit seems to be fighting itself. Is there any way to adjust the time-frame on the cycling on and off?


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    Re: Polaris back-up valve problem

    Is the unit going too fast? You can measure speed by putting a mark on a tire then counting RPMs.
    The back-up valve is a mechanically timed device, the faster the water going through it, the faster it cycles. Your problem could also be a stuck pressure relief at the wall fitting, or a wrong or missing restrictor plate (at the wall fitting).
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    Re: Polaris back-up valve problem

    It is doable to take the back up valve apart and modify the timing, but it requires a dreml, rubber mallet, a steady hand. You cannot remove the collar by hand until you rap it around the circumference with a rubber mallet vigorously. Lay it on a bench while doing this and turn while you rap against collar. This will help to break the collar free. Then you can unscrew collar by hand. Inside you will see an impeller which drives the timing device via a set of timing gears. What I did was remove the plastic retaining collar on the end of both gearset shafts and remove 2 of the intermediate timing gears. This ends up speeding up the frequency of the jet and drastically shorten the length of time it runs. (preventing hose from tangling up due to backup valve running for long periods of time) When you remove 2 of the intermediate gears you have to use your dreml with grinding disc attached to grind 2 flat edges further down on the metal shaft (shaft for the timed orifice) This is so the end gear that is coupled with that shaft can slide down further to take up the space of the removed gears. Then grind a circular notch on both shafts to hold the end collar back in place further in on the shaft. (you will see what I mean if you look at the ends of the shafts where the collar originally was.

    I would recommend when reinstalling the modified jet to put it about 4-5ft from the cleaner so there is very little hose to create slack between back up valve and cleaner. If you did this mod correctly, the back up valve pulls the cleaner back for a split second, then allows cleaner to run 12-13 seconds before it "jerks" it back again. Doing this modification has resulted in the hose never tangling again on my pool claner. Also, the cleaner has never gotten stuck on the stairs or ladder in 50+ hours of running.

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