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Thread: BBB was a Success!

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    BBB was a Success!

    I was a first time pool owner this summer and thankfully I found this site before I started the setup process. I had the clearest water all season long and never added any chemicals, just bleach on a regular basis, borax a couple times, and muriatic acid a couple times. NO ALGAE! Probably cost me $20 for the whole summer to keep the water looking awesome. Getting ready take it down now but I just wanted to share how successful BBB method was for us! I don't have my signiture, but I have the Intex easy set 12x30 with inflatable ring.

    Thanks to all who helped me on this site
    Jen G

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    Re: BBB was a Success!

    All the kudo's go to you for learning and applying the knowledge.
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    Re: BBB was a Success!

    Good job!

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    Re: BBB was a Success!

    Glad you had a nice looking pool this summer.
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    Re: BBB was a Success!


    Great job As I have often stated, knowledge is power and the biggest benefit of BBB, IMHO. Plus, one does not have to be a degreed chemical engineer to understand the basic principles of pool chemistry thanks to Pool School & this site in general.

    I too recently closed the books on my first year with BBB. I'm working up some before & after numbers and will post them soon - stay tuned!
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    Re: BBB was a Success!

    More info for those that still might be skeptical...

    I posted pictures in another thread of how awesome my pool looked at the beginning of the summer. I'm closing on Friday, and here are the numbers for the entire summer:

    The only chemicals I put in my pool this year were 12.5% liquid bleach, muriatic acid, a tiny bit of leftover Balance Pak from last year, and 2 leftover trichlor tabs. Total chemical usage for my pool: 43 gal chlorine, 2.5 gal muriatic acid.

    Total chemical cost was $120. I know I used too much bleach because I shocked too long at the beginning of the summer while I was learning how to do the tests, so I anticipate that number actually going down next year.

    I got slightly over 3 months of a swim season for $120. In the previous two summers, I had the pool open for a total of 4 months. The past two summers cost me $1100. BBB REDUCED MY POOL CHEMICAL COSTS BY ALMOST 90%!!!!

    This is why we keep telling people spend $70 on the kit.
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