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Thread: Upgrade or Replace Jandy RS6/6614 Load Center?

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    Upgrade or Replace Jandy RS6/6614 Load Center?

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    We want to add a SWG and iPad control to our 7 year old Jandy RS6 / 6614 control center. When we installed the pool we were told that we could "easily" add a SWG with a field kit later if desired. Since we were light on cash we opted to go the "upgrade later" path.

    Fast forward 7 years and we would like to install the SWG, but low and behold the kit is no longer available.

    Here is what I think I would need to upgrade:
    IQ900-RS - New RS8 controller and network integration
    6614AP-L - New Purelink 6614 with "Field Kit" preinstalled, basically I will pull out transformer and PCB controls and install in my unit..
    PLC1400 - SWG Cell

    Basically it looks like all I will be keeping is the RS6 keypad & Spa Control, and the rest of the system has to be gutted.

    Are there any other options for a fully integrated SWG? Are there any other sources for the field kits?

    thanks! -y

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    Re: Upgrade or Replace Jandy RS6/6614 Load Center?

    You can add apurem and Plc 1400 kit and wire your existing power center and apurem together. You will have two boxes near your equipment pad instead of just one by purchasing the 6614apl. It can still be controlled by aqua link though. The iq900rs will update your main power center board and allow you to access equipment via Internet through iaqualink antenna your existing keypad will still work as it does, provides a good wired controller as back-up if Internet messes up or router.

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    Re: Upgrade or Replace Jandy RS6/6614 Load Center?

    Why do you need to control your salt system with your controls. Better not to if you have a service person, either way just as easy to use.
    Just put in any stand alone salt system. Obviously this doesnt give you Ipad controls, but saves you a ton of money.

    Being a Pentair guy, I say upgrade the whole system to a Intellitouch, with a Intellichlor, and IntelliPh, or Intellichem system.
    Your remotes have probably seen better days anyway.
    At least when pentair comes out with new stuff you can flash upgrade, not have to buy the next board which is what $Jandy$ is know for.

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