This is the third summer, and I have never had green water...well, guess what! I went out today and take a shot at what shade my water was! If it wasn't for this site I would've been in a panic, but I knew right where to go because of you fabulous people! I'm not sure what happened, but I live in the desert area of California that has been going through a swarm of earthquakes since last Sunday. Since that day I've had incredible clean up to do. I've had glass throughout the house since most everything that was glass in my kitchen and living room was thrown to the floor and shattered. Everything in bookshelves and medicine cabinets, etc. were emptied on to the floor as well as the garage...also last week school started so I had to spend my evenings cleaning up my classroom and the days teaching. Needless to say I didn't even look at my pool after the initial hard earthquake last Sunday because I've been extra busy and extra tired. I am guessing the skimmer got jostled around and my pump wasn't allowed to work properly because it wasn't secured tightly to the side of the pool when I checked it today. Thanks everybody...because of you, after a fourth addition of chlorine I'm almost up to shock level.
Oh, and I forgot to doesn't help that we've had temps about 110 degrees F with high humidity. Yes, it's quite pleasant here!