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Thread: Water too green

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    Water too green

    PH 7.2, Chlorine 2. 20,000 gal, Plaster.

    My PH was too low, and my chlorine was too low. I put bleach in, and then, some Borax to bring levels up to levels as stated above.

    Water is now too green. Suggestions appreciated.


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    Re: Water too green

    What is your CYA level? Is the water clear and green or cloudy and green with debris on the walls and bottom?
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    Re: Water too green

    I don't know how to check CYA. Maybe I need a better kit.

    Water is clear and green.

    This AM, PH was at about 6.8. I raised it to 7.2. Chlorine was 0. I raised it to about 2.0. This is about 10 days post-treatment with ascorbic acid. Water was not as green before Borax added, but PH is better.

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    Re: Water too green

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffMatthews
    I don't know how to check CYA. Maybe I need a better kit.
    For sure. Need to know all the numbers. TF100 is a great deal.
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    Re: Water too green

    Water still green. Took water for test at store. Results below.

    Free Chlorine: 1.0
    Total Chlorine: 1.0
    Combined Chlorine: 0
    pH: 7.6
    Hardness: 150
    Alkalinity: 55
    CYA: 50
    Copper: Not run
    Iron: Not run
    Total Dissolved Solids: 1400
    Phosphates: 1000 ppb

    They had me at 10 lbs bicarb as pH stabilizer. I also added more bleach to bring up Chlorine a little.

    That was last night.

    Pool still green. This happened after adding Borax. I've seen reference that this could happen if there is copper in water. I had metal stains which I treated 10 days ago with Ascorbic Acid and Sequestrant.

    I'd sure like to nip this pretty quick. Having a party tomorrow, and the pool looks bad.

    Edit: The pool turned green within about 20 minutes after dumping a box of Borax in. It helped the pH, but made water green.

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    Re: Water too green

    Your guess about copper is right. When the pool water turns green right after adding an alkaline product (like borax, soda ash, etc.), it usually means that copper is being precipitated. Your pH was probably very low for a period of time (or too often) and removed some copper from the piping and increased the copper content in the water. Need to filter continuously. Add fiberclear if your filter is a cartridge or sand, and add more after every cleaning.

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    Re: Water too green

    Thanks. I got some stuff for copper chelation. I hope it works on time for tomorrow. I don't know of any copper pipes. There is no heater. There used to be a heater when we moved in last season, but it was junked and by-passed with PVC.

    The only thing I can think of is that the copper was always there, as exhibited by the metal stains on the bottom. I used Ascorbic Acid and the stains cleared almost perfectly. So, I suppose the copper was suspended. I used a metal sequester by RAM products. I guess to "sequester" means to keep suspended in water.

    Does this sound about right?

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    Re: Water too green

    Oh, by the way, I could easily bring the PH down to around 7.0 - 7.2 if that would help. Would it?

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    Re: Water too green

    Lowering the pH will put some copper back into solution so that the turquoise (somewhat green) color doesn't show as much. But when the pH rises again, and it will, the copper will begin to precipitate out again.
    Perhaps some copper algaecides were added which adds copper to the water. Yes, sequester agents help keep metals in suspention, but unfortunately, they eventually break down and the copper precipitates out again.
    When there is a lot of copper in the water, it will deposit a green color onto blond hair. Keep some lemon juice or vinegar on hand in case. You will eventually want to drain and refill to completely get rid of the copper.

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